Fun for the Whole Family in Scottsdale Arizona

by Julia on July 1, 2019

Although Scottsdale, Arizona is located in a desert environment, the city has plenty of great family attractions. The moment you step into a vehicle during a tour, you’ll see cacti, boulders, hills, and trails. When you reach the urban areas, the standout attractions will consist of golf courses and spas. Scottsdale really is like a little oasis in the desert. If you need help planning great activities in Scottsdale for your family, this guide can simplify the process.

Transportation Options

There are four trolley cars that travel around Scottsdale, and each vehicle has a different route. You can hop on one of the trolleys throughout the day without paying a fee.

If you’re going to spend time in Scottsdale with kids, public transportation may not be the best option. During the day, some cars are usually crowded, and kids won’t have space to play games while traveling to local destinations. By renting a car, the kids can try activities and play games in a huge cabin. An SUV is a great vehicle for trips around Scottsdale because it has comfortable seating, cargo space, and cup holders.

Scottsdale Family Resorts

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch is built in a prime spot that overlooks the McDowell Mountains. This hotel has many features that cater to families. For examples, kids can rush down a long water slide that leads to the pool, or they can build castles using the sand on the beach. Many kids can play on the beach because it’s located on a 2.5-acre slab of land. The Hyatt Regency also has options for grown-ups, such as a soothing spa and golf lessons.

The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch is another popular place for epic family vacations. With award-winning spas, fine dining, and poolside cabanas, it’s a paradise for adults. Meanwhile, kids will enjoy the great swimming, tasty food, fun activities, and fast, free Wi-Fi. There’s even a golf club featuring two unique courses.


The Enchanted Island Amusement Park is just outside Scottsdale in Phoneix, AZ. The park boasts many fun attractions like pedal boats, thrill rides, and an activity zone. The rides, in particular, are diverse and fun; there are over 20 and they run the gamut from kid-friendly to challenging and adrenaline-pumping.

At Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs, everyone can learn while examining unique exhibits. If possible, schedule a trip to this destination on a hot day because it’s a great place to beat the heat.


During a family vacation, kids will want to eat quickly so that they can check out local attractions. The most convenient lunch item for kids is probably a taco. You can buy delicious tacos that contain fresh fish and other ingredients at Coconut’s Fish Cafe.

Every child will crave ice cream on a hot day. If you want to buy sugary treats in a diner, stop by Randy’s Restaurant & Ice Cream. This spot also has a traditional menu, so you can get local-approved hamburgers, hot dogs, and other diner items before ordering dessert.

Travel Tactics

If you’re going to rent a car during a vacation in Scottsdale with kids, set rules to protect the upholstery in the cabin. One beverage or menu item can stain the seats or the carpeting, so you shouldn’t let the kids eat or drink in the rental car.

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