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by Julia on June 28, 2019

As the Australian nation developed, so did its educational framework, drawing individuals from everywhere across the globe.

Australia, situated in the southern piece of the Pacific Ocean, is the most popular destination for university especially in the urban areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, etc. Australia is the third most popular destination for undergraduate studies and university education in the world; after the UK and the USA. In 2017, Australia has hit another record with  624,000 undergraduates registered. This worldwide popularity is mainly because of its training framework which gives successful graduates phenomenal professional opportunities and openings.

Australia draws in a large portion of students because of its wide range of courses and degrees. Studeis in any field can be found easily across the Australian institutions. With more than 22,000 offered by 1,100 educational establishments, Australia offers a fantastic professional training and career opportunities as well as a fantastic student lifestyle in this sunny, open and friendly country.

Most courses in Australia are intended to be shorter and more intensive than many other countries. Undergraduates can really benefit from this and the intensive coursework. This also means that courses at Australian colleges are, in general, be much less expensive than those offered by their partners in other well-known universities. Everyday living costs in Australia are also much lower thanin  the UK or US.

Another important thing to address are Australian Scholarships. There are numerous grants which can open doors for student willing to investigate their options. A few grants are government-subsidized like the Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS).  A few grants are specific to the college such as the Melbourne Research Scholarships offered by the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney International grants for undergraduate projects.

Another way to keep the costs down is to work whilst you study. Students in Australiacan work with a student visa which allows you to work for up to 40 hours for every fortnight during your studies and 40 hours of the week during holidays. There are loads of job opportunities for students and young people including tourism, hospitality, retail, childcare etc. Check out the excellent and informative website for more information on various courses at Work and study in Australia with

Degrees from Australian colleges are well-perceived by international organizations all over the world. The government has recently improved the procedures for student visa applications making it easier for students to come to Australia to study – making it quicker and less documentation needed as proof to study.

Australia is also one of the most diverse countries on earth with over 200 different nationalities represented. It is a friendly, inclusive, open-minded and relaxed society which is very welcoming for people from all over the world. This makes it a great destination for students from all the world whatever your background or country of origin.

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