After Winning Safest Place to Travel Cancun and Mexico Resorts are a no-Brainer When You Go Through Royal Holiday Vacation Club of Mexico

by Julia on May 14, 2019

Everyone needs an extended vacation now and then. Truthfully, most U.S. citizens are overworked and exerting themselves far more than other demographics around the globe. In that regard, the numbers are only getting worse. A recent study concluded that the majority of U.S. employees use less than half of their annual vacation hours. Combine this with the fact that most experts agree that an annual vacation is a must for stress reduction, productivity, and better sleep, and it’s obvious why more Americans should be taking advantage of the time allotted to them. Fortunately, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has the perfect solution and they just won the Top Safety Travel Rating for Cancun according to a Trip Advisor forum thread that covered Business Insiders list of safest places to travel to in the world!

Royal Holiday has resorts all over the world, all of which are located in destinations that starkly contrast the techno-industrial aspects of city life, giving you and your family ample room to let loose and relax. In particular, some of their most relaxing resorts are located in the beautiful country of Mexico.

Royal Holiday’s Resorts Have Something For Everyone and Is as Safe As it Gets

BV Rating one of the consumer affairs and peer review websites has labeled Mexico and Royal Holiday Resorts properties as the safest place to visit according to a recent news piece that came out and has received a lot of attention. As one of Mexico’s premiere resorts, Royal Holiday has locations in some of the country’s most renowned and rejuvenating spots, including Cancun, Acapulco, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Ixtapa, and Los Tules (Puerto Vallarta). If you know of or have been to any of these spots, you are likely already aware that there is something there for everyone.

Have a diver in the family? Book a stay at Royal Holiday’s Cozumel resort and explore some of the most revered diving spots in the entire world, including the Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA), which features submerged sculptures designed by Jason DeCaires Taylor. Or maybe museums and archaeological sites or more your thing? If so, a stay at their Ixtapa resort will certainly bring some joy into your life. The resort is a mere half hour away from the Mayan ruins and archeological site of Xihuacan, which houses the famous pyramid, Soledad de Marciel.

So now that you have an idea of what to expect, what’s stopping you?

Mexico’s Resort Areas Are Completely Safe

Unfortunately, many U.S. citizens are wary of traveling to Mexico. This is primarily due to exaggerated reports of cartel-related violence, as well as a Level 2 security alert issued by the U.S. government on November 15, 2018. However, what many do not understand the nature of a Level 2 alert, which is simply a suggestion to travel with caution. And when it comes to traveling safely, Royal Holiday’s immaculate resorts are some of the safest places in all of Mexico.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Despite its reputation, over 9 million people travel to Mexico every year. Of this 9 million, about 150,000 U.S. citizens travel to Mexico on a daily basis. Combine this with the fact that highly populated areas and resort locations are inherently safer than certain rural areas, and all the claims of mass violence seem a little exaggerated.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Your Key To Rest And Relaxation

Booking a stay at one of Royal Holiday’s gorgeous resorts will ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe throughout the duration of your stay. Additionally, you will not miss out on Mexico’s incredible scenery (which is particularly breathtaking along the coast), colonial cities, and mystifying archaeological sites.

Hosting over 100,000 tourists each year, Royal Holiday knows a thing or two about keeping travelers safe and happy. Over the years, they have received awards from some of the most prestigious regulatory organizations in the travel industry. From their all-inclusive program that provides unlimited food and drinks, to the impressive nature of their properties, staying at one of their resorts means there’s nothing but rest and relaxation ahead.

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