How To Keep A New Tattoo Clean While Travelling

by Julia on May 10, 2019

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days. From hip youngsters to middle aged mothers – it seems that everyone is getting one these days. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and you’ve got a trip coming up there are important considerations to take into account. It might not be something you’ve thought about but actually the health implications are serious – especially if you are heading off to exotic or tropical climates.

Most people think of tattoos as an extension of their personality or an important memory imprinted forever onto their skin. Getting a new tattoo is exciting and scary at the same time. It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation, but most disregard the importance of keeping their new tattoo clean especially while traveling. Here are the most important pieces of advice you need to follow…

1.  Listen to Your Tattoo Artist

Each artist has his one recommendation of what creams to use and how to keep the tattoo clean so that it heals faster. Do not experiment too much with what you think would work better. Try to listen to your tattoo artist and use the products he recommends.

2.  Pack Cleaning Supplies and Some Extras

If you plan to take a plane on your trip, remember that there are restrictions in terms of how big a bottle of a liquid or cream can be packed in the cabin luggage. Things can get even worse. Cleaning a new tattoo can be tough while on the road because you do not have easy access to fresh and clean water. You will need some wet wipes with no alcohol. Also, you will need to have some extra towels as well as your regular supplies. If possible, try to stop every now and then to get a bottle of clean water to rinse the area and clean your tattoo.

3.  Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Traveling in a car can make it difficult to protect the tattoo from sunlight exposure. Sunlight can make the ink fade or lose color intensity. Use a sun cream with a high SPF or try to keep it covered with a soft piece of cloth. Tinted windows offer a bit of protection, but the sun cream is mandatory.

4.  Do Not Touch the Skin If It Itches

When the tattoo itches, you can use something cold such as an ice pack to calm down the skin and reduce the itching. If you are taking a road trip, be sure to have a cooler filled with ice packs. If you do not have any means to reduce the itching, you will have to endure and avoid scratching the skin as it can damage the tattoo or even cause infections to develop.

5.  Throw Away Used Bandages and Wraps

Wraps and bandages are commonly used to protect the tattoo. You should never reuse them because they can cause skin irritation trough contamination or even lead to infections. When on the road, make sure you have extra bandages and wraps. If you do not have extras, do not remove the one already on your tattoo until you find a store to buy fresh ones. Avoid having your tattoo exposed at all cost and do not reuse anything.

Apart from all the above advice, common sense always helps. Try to make a list of all the creams, cleaning products and any other supplies you might need and check that you packed everything before leaving. Do not be afraid to pack some extra bandages or wraps as they might prove to be more useful than you think. Be patient and follow your cleaning routine no matter what.

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