Here’s How to Upgrade Your Flight to First Class

by Julia on May 9, 2019

Most of us love traveling with varied purposes such as tourism, business, visiting relatives or special occasions. And of course the most important aspect is the budget which will decide the destinations and the mode of travel.

If you are wealthy and have plenty of time you might choose a luxury cruise but most people are short of both and go for air travel. Budget again determines which airline you choose and which class you will travel in. When it comes to space, comfort, and service factors, we all love a little luxury so naturally we all dream about travelling either business or even better, in first class.

The United Airlines first class experience is one not to be forgetten from your first glass of champagne to a good nights sleep in a spacious bed. The services and facilities offered by United Airlines range from modest to high stature.

Each airline has their own procedure for upgrades.

Ways of Upgrading flight to Business or First Class

Here in this article, we’ll see some of the tips that can help us to get a Business or First Class cabin.

1. Acquire Elite Status

2. Receive upgrades while buying particular fare class tickets.

3. Buy an Upgrade

4. Get Sponsored for the Upgrade

5. Upgrade with AirMiles on Partner Airlines

6. Upgrade Flight with AirMiles

7. Go for the Discounted Business and First Class Fares

8. Go for Award Tickets of Business or First Class with AirMiles

9. Use and Airline-Branded Credit Card

Achieve Elite Status

Qualifying for a particular airline’s elite status is the best way to get the desired upgrade. It does matter which type of status one has; it may be a domestic upgrade,  regional upgrade certificate, miles upgrade, systemwide upgrade certificates. As an elite flyer you will generally get a better option than those who arent.

Let’s have one look at how one can have the elite status from an airline:

1. American Airlines

  • Domestic Flight Upgrades — The holders with the American AAdvantage Executive Platinum members get beneficiary domestic upgrades. The elite membership candidates below this level can have the advantage of upgrades on 500-mile distance flights or less.

  • Regional Flight Upgrades — The members who have executive Platinum elite membership get the benefit of regional upgrades. While the other elite members should make use of the 500-mile local upgrade certificates for each 500-mile phase.

  • International Flight Upgrades — The members who have the Executive Platinum offer can avail up to 8 systemwide upgrades which can be used globally. They cover 3 flights in a row in one direction, and one can even move up in the hierarchy from economy to business to first class.

2. Delta Air Lines

  • Domestic Flight Upgrades — The elite with Delta Medallion get the benefit of the upgrades which are offered to the elite status level.

  • Regional Flight Upgrades — The ones with the elite medallion membership can acquire the regional upgrades, while the members having Diamond and Platinum can go for the selected local upgrade.

  • International Flight Upgrades — The ones with the Diamond elite membership can have 4 systemwide all over upgrades per year.

3. United Airlines

  • Domestic Flight Upgrades — If space is available on chosen United-operated domestic flights then the upgrade is granted to the Premier Elite members.

  • Regional Flight Upgrades — The elite travelers usually get the benefit of regional upgrades. In addition, the Regional Premier Upgrades contributed by the Premier Platinum, and 1K holders can be put into use of assuring the upgrades in selected United and Copa flights working in the particular area.

  • International Flight Upgrades — Clients with the elite status of the Premier 1K membership can get the package of 6 systemwide overseas upgrades. In addition to this, even a higher level of upgrades is also made available to those who meet higher Premier Qualifying levels.

4. Alaska Airlines

  • Domestic Flight Upgrades — If the members have elite membership, then they can enjoy the privilege of the upgrade.

  • Regional Flight Upgrades — Most airlines have particular routes which can substantiate with regional upgrades. including travel from the U.S. to northern South America, Latin America, the  Carribean, and Central America.

  • International Flight Upgrades — If you have MVP elite status.

5. Emirates Airlines

Keep an eye out for price reductions in tickets or in the form of AirMiles by signing for the alerts and periodical upgrades:

  • Fill in the credentials of your booking to search for the estimate of an upgrade from business class to the first class via the online transaction.

  • Have a glance if you can have an upgrade through the Emirates Skywards Miles.

  • Keep notifications of upgrades so that if in future the facility or service is available you can upgrade making use of the Skyward Miles.

  • When you sign up the Emirates upgrade alerts, you are automatically set to receive emails or SMS if one available.

6. Qatar Airlines

Upgrade are available by redeeming the  Qmiles or Qcredits to Business or First Class when one is at Doha or the chosen airports.

The luggage allowance remains confined to what it was earlier at the time of first booking. Instance – If you receive an upgrade to business or First Class that doesn’t mean that your baggage capacity is also increased — x Kg will remain x Kg only. Moreover, you won’t be permissible to upper class if you are already a member of Platinum, Gold or Silver. The Lounge, as well as luggage access, is entirely dependent on the tier benefits.

  • While checking in at any other airport other than Doha, go to any Qatar Airways to submit the upgrade request.

  • Show them your membership card; award chairs must be present and having on sufficient Qmiles/Qcredits they will give you the requested paperwork to fill.

  • The expenditure will be deducted from your respective membership account.

  • On the completion, you’ll receive the boarding pass(es).

  • In case of limited seats, the policy is served based on first-come, first-serve.

7. Etihad Airlines

This airline offers the simplest ways to upgrade:

  1. By using Etihad Guest Miles

  2. Placing an offer via a bidding system, but this option is available on limited applicable flights.

  3. At the time of check-in if and only if space is available on board.

  4. The last option is through the contact center.

Final Words

There are many ways to get an upgrade – especially if you are a frequest flyer or business traveller. It is always worth a look in advance and collecting and using those airmiles. And dont forget to ask at the airport when checking in!

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