Tying the Knot: The Coolest U.S. Locations to Get Hitched in 2019

by Julia on May 8, 2019

Wedding days are one of the biggest days in a person’s life. It’s the one day that you get to pledge your love to someone in front of your closest friends and family. In doing that, maybe you wanted a big wedding, maybe you wanted a small wedding, however you looked at it, the most important thing was that you married the love of your life.

Determining whether to have a big wedding or a small wedding is one of the minor aspects that go into planning your wedding… Do you know what a big factor (if not the biggest factor) is? Where to have your wedding! The location of your wedding plays an important role in the planning process.

Location, Location, Location!

A lot of couples have this idea of a destination wedding in some of the most exotic places in the world but due to your budget and the budget of your wedding guests, it might leave you restricted to locations in the U.S. Now, just because your wedding might not take you out of the country, that doesn’t mean that your wedding won’t be just as  beautiful or memorable.

To add to that, it would also be worth it to plan your wedding in a location where it can not only serve the purpose for hosting your wedding but it can also serve the purpose of being your honeymoon location as well! Take a look at some of the hottest spots to have your wedding with an “at home” type of feel.

Vegas Baby! Las Vegas, Nevada

Why Vegas?

From the drive-through chapels to having the “King of Rock and Roll” be your officiant, Las Vegas has it all. If having Elvis officiate your wedding isn’t your style, then you can always opt for the elegant ballrooms that will have your guests in awe at the luxury of it all. Vegas is so popular that the Document Recording and Retrieval Services state that Las Vegas hosts nearly 10,000 weddings per month which totals out to around 300 weddings per day!

When to Have a Vegas Wedding

The fact that Las Vegas is in Nevada mean s that you can pretty much get married any time of the year there. Now, a word of warning, the summer months of June through August can get incredibly hot. The fall months are absolutely a gorgeous time to get married.

What to Do While in Vegas

Well, Vegas has everything under the sun for you and your guests to do, and then some! From the Blackjack tables and slot machines to the unforgettable shows, you have several options to choose from! Being that you will be having your wedding there, you have the options to party the night away in some of the hottest clubs on the strip or spend your day soaking up the sun at an upscale day party!

Aloha! Maui, Hawaii

Maybe your dream was to look at beautiful waterfront locations in Hawaii to pledge your love to your significant other but somehow decided that you can always go to the beach in Hawaii… you then changed your mind and wanted to see what your other options were for a wedding in Hawaii.

Why Maui?

Well, Maui is the beautiful location of Haiku Mill. Haiku Mill is a sugar plantation that has the elegance and charm of the “old world” but is surrounded by nature’s beauty and the fragrant scents of Jasmine as well as gardenia blossoms… here, you can truly have the best of both worlds!

When to Have a Maui Wedding

Hawaii is actually beautiful at all times of the year so you really can your wedding for any time there. Now, even with that, the temperatures do tend to stay between 70-80 degrees but the winter months do tend to see a little more rain versus the summer months but as far as temperature goes, the choice is yours!

What to Do While in Maui

It’s Maui! You can zipline, go to a luau, or go on a multitude of different tours! The great thing about Maui is that it has activities for all ages. Your grandparents can have just as much fun there as kids can.

The Choice is Yours

There are actually several more U.S. wedding locations that are absolutely stunning and will take the breath away from your guests. Places like New York. Rhode Island, California, and Maine are all places you want to consider when an out of the country wedding is out of the question. Who would have thought that all the qualities you thought could only be experienced abroad, could also be experienced right here in your back yard!

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