How to stay healthy when traveling

by Julia on May 8, 2019

Who doesn’t love exploring a new place, trying new food, meeting new people? Traveling can be one of the best most eye-opening experiences you can have, but it can also seriously wreak havoc on your immune system. Not only are you likely spending time in crowded areas full of strangers but you’re in an unfamiliar place, keeping unusual hours, and probably exerting yourself much more than you do in your day to day life. All of this comes together in a perfect storm bringing our normally healthy bodies to their knees. Can you imagine anything worse than lying in bed sick when you’re on vacation, feeling that precious time slip away? I’ve been there, and I can guarantee you it’s not fun!

Here are our essential tips to keep yourself from succumbing to the dreaded vacation flu!

Drink enough water and get enough sleep

They may sound obvious but these two are the most essential rules for staying healthy during your travels. Long flights are dehydrating, jet lag is disorienting, and sleeping in a new place can be uncomfortable and difficult to get used to. It may be tempting to snag a cheap red eye flight then hit the ground running as soon as you hit your destination. However, remember that you are unlikely to get the same quality of rest when you’re stuck upright for 6 hours surrounded by strangers (unless of course you can afford first class). To help get some shut eye both on your flight and at your destination considering bringing melatonin tablets to help your fall asleep naturally. Also, try to stay as hydrated as possible during your flight. Even if you just love how ginger ale tastes at 35000 feet, consider asking for a cup of water as well, it really helps.

Take supplements  

One of the easiest way to keep your body in tip top shape is to take immune boosting supplements both in the days preceding your trip and while you are actively traveling. One of our favorites is German colostrum powder. Colostrum powder is packed with vitamins, healthy proteins, and antibodies that can work together to prevent disease caused by bacteria and viruses and even aid in healing. Colostrum powder may even help prevent intestinal irritation, particularly important when sampling exotic cuisines we aren’t used to in our home countries. You can mix colostrum powder into the drink of your choice (we recommend a scoop in your morning coffee or smoothie) or taken in a capsule form.

If you’re not sure, drink bottled water

Many developing countries do not yet have water management systems that can keep up with their growing populations. In cases like these it can be particularly dangerous to drink the tap water. Prevent picking up a nasty parasite by only drinking bottled water if you are uncertain of the local water system. Yes, this includes when you are brushing your teeth. Just keep a bottle handy by the sink for any swishing or rinsing and you’re set! Furthermore, be wary of salads as they will usually be rinsed using tap water and may be contaminated as well.

Now go forth, travel, and make it home knowing you squeezed every drop out of that vacation!

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