Hawaii’s Romantic Hotpots to Say I Dos

by Julia on May 2, 2019

Hawaii may be small in surface area, but it is replete with wedding venues that will knock you off your feet. Discover some of the island’s romantic hotspots that will give you stunning views, the thrills and the gastronomic adventure for your big day.

An archipelago like Hawaii is the perfect place to host a wedding reception. It’s known for its remarkable beaches, mountain views, tropical climate and other hidden gems. The islands that make up this US state can accommodate different venue needs and set-ups, indoor or outdoor, along the shoreline or in the rainforest, intimate or grandiose, simple or luxurious. Also, you can enjoy select food choices for a Hawaiian feast, or go with a classic banquet tailored for you and your partner’s palate.

If you still do not have a shortlist of possible locations for your wedding reception, here is a collection of Hawaii’s first-rate locations to start with.

Kukahiko Estate

There is a lot you can do in Maui. From taking the plunge on world-famous beaches to an Instagrammable sunset moment, the Valley Isle is a top choice when travelling in Hawaii. And if you want to explore a wedding venue in Maui, you can go straight to the island’s Kukahiko Estate.

Owned privately by the Kukahiko family, the estate has been open to guests who want to exchange eternal vows in this magical place. Experience an oceanfront ceremony with your family and friends, or you have the option to go bold by exchanging vows on the rocky beach. You can also stick with the wide lawn for the whole ceremony and do some snapshots at the rocky beach before and after. As for dinner and dancing, all of you can munch and groove under the vast sky.

The estate is not just open space and sea waves. Their wedding package includes a modern home with a loft, spiral staircase, changing rooms, restrooms, kitchen and a cozy lanai that opens up to the ocean, the lava rock cove and stunning multi-island views. You and your guests can dance the night away to Hawaii’s signature luau in the estate’s great room.

Volcano House

If a waterfront reception with the gentle ocean breeze is too mainstream for you, splurge on a different adventure that is like nowhere else. Perhaps, will a ceremony and honeymoon in a plush hotel nestled on an active volcano be a top choice for you? If this sounds like the perfect location your dreams are made of, then you and your partner should check out the historic Volcano House in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.

Undoubtedly, everyone will sign up to be at your wedding and feast their eyes on the magical landscapes. Who wouldn’t want to be in a hotel that is built with Hawaiian culture and history infused in the design, materials and activities? Imagine waking up viewing a molten lava lake in the Halemaumau Crater, comfortably sipping your morning coffee next to the Volcanoes National Park and saying your ‘I do’ while the lava lake bubbles with a fiery glow and steam. There is nowhere else you can experience such a surreal spectacle right before your eyes.

Na ‘Āina Kai (“Lands by the Sea”) Botanical Gardens

If you envision a location that has no shortage of stunning views, then Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens can keep up to your dream wedding oasis. Located in Kilauea, the destination has been described by many as heaven on earth with its myriad attractions which span to around 240 acres.

You just don’t have one but several venues to choose from for your nuptials. Get married at Ka’ula Lagoon, an aquatic haven stocked with koi and water lilies. Add to that a waterfall in the backdrop, an arched bridge to Hula Island, flowers blooming in varied colors and a giant bronze sculpture of a hula dancer, and you have a picture-perfect wedding location. Another location is Hula Island, an intimate setting which is adjacent to the lagoon.

For a seaside venue, the Na Aina Kai also has a different roster. Feel the powdery sand on your barefoot walk towards your partner at Kaluakoi beach. If you want a panoramic view with a more convenient location, then opt for the Lotus Meadow, the largest area with tropical vegetation, a view of the Makai Marsh and an ideal setting for large tents. If the two do not fit, then you can go for what’s in between, the Seaside Meadow. It is a perfect location if you want to enjoy both the beach and the meadow from the ceremony to the last dance.

Hands down, Hawaii has a vast list of unique locations for your big day. Jet off to the archipelago and cozy up as you explore the area to find the perfect venue that feels like it matches your personality. Enjoy the search and don’t forget to snap happy pictures all throughout the ride.

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