Where to go for a relaxing vacation in the US?

by Julia on April 23, 2019

Relaxing vacation is designed to provide the ultimate thrill of life. It’s also the best time to explore new places, meet new people, and have some adventure.

However, if you’re like most people, your vacation period is pretty much like every other time of the year. And you do it just like the way you live life — over-programmed, overbooked, and pretty much addicted to technology.

Here’s the thing; it takes planning and a surreal location to have a relaxing vacation.

Whether you’re the peaceful nature boy, an adventurer, or someone who desires to experience the ocean life by staying close to the seashore, you’ve got to chill down and take a closer look at these epic destinations.

That’s not all…

To make your stay worth it, you’ve got to lodge in a hotel suite — and any of the MSN Best Hotels would do just fine.

Enough said. Here are the best places to go for a relaxing vacation in the US.


1. Sedona, Arizona

If you desire to have a closer connection with nature and get to experience the thrill of the red rock scenery, then Sedona is the right place to be.

Sedona serves various recreational purposes. Some visitors see it as a resort center while the native Americans recognize it as spiritual renewal and healing avenue.

In Sedona, you’d have the chance in indulging in a couple of recreational activities like hiking and biking. Also, you’d get to enjoy bouncy jeep rides in the bristling forest.

One unique feature that would probably tickle your fancy is the presence of the vortex energy centers — you get to experience the power of Sedona’s invisible energies.

Wine enthusiasts and art lovers are not left out in the cold. You get to see the 40-plus art galleries and also get to taste the best wines in the world.

What’s more, the town is close by, and you can always have more fun and meet other fun-loving folks.

Other exciting things to look out for in Sedona is the spa facilities where you can receive the best soothing treatment.


2. Boulder, Colorado


Boulder is the ideal choice for folks who are looking for a low-key area for dining and shopping. Colorado doesn’t just offer a peaceful low-key relaxation center; it also has a touch of magic.

The sun, the rocky mountains, the archaeological wonders, and the serene foothills would make it worth your stay. And if you’re a fan of cheap beers and tasty ice cream, then you’re in for a great treat.

There is no shortage of activities in the little universe of Colorado. You can also spice up your stay with some ice climbing, white water rafting, Hang gliding, and Ziplining.

Setting a world record for the zombie crawl, zombie lovers and all types of fantasy freaks are sure to learn a thing or two, and probably get to see (and wear) new zombie customs.

Foodies are not left out in fun. In Colorado, you’d get to taste a different kind of burger, and you’d love it.

What’s more, time travelers can join the Colorado Gold Trail to travel back to the gold rush era when gold and silver mining was the norm of the day.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a history nerd, a mountaineer, an urbanite, or a freak of any kind, there’s something for you, and you’re sure of experiencing one of your best relaxing vacations.


3. Kauai, Hawaii


Thrill seekers and nature lovers can experience the ultimate fun in Kauai.

In Kauai, you’d find lots of outdoor activities. The wet environment coupled with the brilliant sunlight provides an excellent mix which forms glorious rainbows.

Aside from the beautiful rainbows, you’d get to see; the lush environment would help you be in tune with nature. It’s an absolute delight for all nature lovers.

Furthermore, the beaches are easily accessible. Families looking for a calm environment can use any of the best beaches in Kauai for some family fun.

Savory poke dishes are also available on the Island. If you’re an adventurer, one of these poke recipes will come in handy. And if you’re looking for good drinks, there are great juicy shops that offer some of the best juices in the country.

If you’ve got some extra dollars to spend, you can hop on a mountain bike and have the ride of your life.


4. Olympic National Park


Relaxing vacation should be more than a trip — it should be a time to draw closer to the universe and experience the great abundance of nature.

In the Olympic National Park, you’d get the opportunity of staying without the regular interference of the busy outside world.

Whether you’re a motorboat enthusiast, a wildlife lover, or someone who’s looking for a place with a wide array of historical sites, then the Olympic National Park would be the right fit for you.

You can camp with your family, friends, or loved ones in any of the sixteen campgrounds in the National Park. Also, you get to go on an adventurous walk or exciting hikes in any of the park locations.

If fishing is your thing, Olympic National Park has some pretty good streams and rivers which are dwelling places for different sea creatures. And you have the option of taking your fishing to a whole new level by fishing at the Pacific Coast.

What’s more, you can discover exciting places by joining ranger-led programs. In these programs, you get to explore the diverse ecosystem of the National Park.

That’s not all…

You get to track your adventures and explorations with the NPS Passport Program.

Cameras would come in handy during your relaxing vacation in the National Park as it would help you take great shots. And if you’re into winter activities, you’re sure of experiencing the ultimate winter thrill at the park.


5. Killington, Vermont


Have you ever heard of the Beast of the East?

Nicknamed as the Beast of the East, Killington is one of the largest Ski Resort in the United States.

Let’s face it; skiing is one of the best ways of having a relaxing vacation — you get to explore the terrains according to your skill level.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert Skier, there’s something in store for you.

Aside from skiing, you can embark on the long trail (the Appalachian Trail). And if you cannot handle the stress that comes with the long trail, you can opt for a short hike to Thundering Falls.

When the winter snow melts, and the mountain terrain is revealed, you can rent a mountain bike for an epic biking experience.

At the end of the fun and leisure, you’d have the chance of relieving muscular tension at the Killington Grand Spa. At the Grand Spa, you can get a stone massage, body treatments, and lots of premium spa services.



Escaping the busy city life and going for a relaxing vacation is the ideal way of recovering from the everyday noise and stress.

Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, the Olympic National Park, and Vermont are perfect places that embody all you need for an epic vacation.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a passive wanderer, or someone who’s searching for a calm environment to reflect and plan your life, you’d find a suitable place to lay your head and think of the next step.

Would you go alone or are you going with friends and family for your vacation?

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