What to See and Do in San Diego

by Julia on April 10, 2019

The best place to live in the United States is without a doubt the city of San Diego, which in the west is bathed by the Pacific Ocean, is bordered on the south by Mexico and is located in California. San Diego is one of the oldest cities on the west coast of the United States, was discovered in 1542 by explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, and received the official name of the city in 1769 thanks to the Franciscans. When planning your trip this amazing city the following tips and recommendations will prove invaluable. If you want to see most of them make sure to have a comfortable means of transport such as a car rental in San Diego.

When to go

The summer season in San Diego is favourable for sea incursions and for swimming in the ocean. The waves of the ocean some days are so big that they attract many surfers on the coast. The main beaches of San Diego are: Torrey Pines which is located near a nature reserve, and the nudist beaches that are south of the city Del Mar.

What to see in San Diego

In the city as well as sandy beaches there are also other places of interest such as: Balboa Park, which includes a large number of botanical gardens, museums, as well as the famous San Diego Zoo, which is inhabited by nearly four thousand different species of animals, the city of the Symphony Orchestra, two opera houses, one of which staged plays by the famous English playwright William Shakespeare. In San Diego one can also find the largest oceanography institute. Finally, the city is also famous for its cuisine, in particular, the preparation of seafood.

Point Loma Peninsula

An interesting place to do tours is Point Loma Peninsula. It was on its territory that the crew of the famous sailor Cabrillo landed in the mid-sixteenth century. Not long ago, a monument was erected on the peninsula in honour of this symbolic event. It forms a single complex with a viewing platform. There is also an old and beautiful lighthouse, built in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, it houses an interesting museum. While this location might be relatively far from the centre of the city, if you’ve hired a car, you’ll have no problems moving around.

The Churches

There are excellent religious sites in the city, among which is the old church of San Diego de Alcalá. It was founded in 1769 by a Spanish monk. However, already in the second half of the nineteenth century the church came to desolation and was almost completely destroyed. Only in 1930, it was completely restored. Today, the old church is considered a historical monument of national importance. Many of its elements, including huge wooden doors and shutters in the windows, have been recreated in strict accordance with the original.

Nature in San Diego

Nature lovers can find exciting tours to the Torri Pines Reserve. It occupies a vast coastal area of San Diego. This reserve is not distinguished by the abundance of beautiful plants. However, rare species of flora can also be found here. Its main species are seabirds, whose monitoring is still a favourite entertainment for tourists. While walking through the reserve, you may encounter raccoons and foxes. Coyotes are the most dangerous inhabitants of these places. The park is notable for its spectacular geological formations. At certain times of the year, whales can be observed from their coastal areas.

Coronado Bridge

The Coronado Bridge is the most recognizable symbol of San Diego. Its construction was completed in 1969. The length of the bridge is 3500 meters. 27 strong concrete supports at least 60 meters high were built. The bridge is quite high, so even large boats can easily pass under it. From the shores of San Diego Bay you can make excellent photos of this landmark.

Historical Side

An excellent way to get acquainted with the historical past of the city is to take a walk through the old town. Many colonial buildings survived there. Currently, the historic district delights with popular shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

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