Experiencing Israel As A Local – Best Secret Summer Vacation Spots

by Julia on April 3, 2019

Israel is full of history and excitement; it has everything you could ask for a great summer vacation. From beautiful hotels and sandy beaches to cultural heritage sites and historical architecture. The country offers so many wonderful things to do and attractions to visit. Whether you are visiting for the first time or making a return visit, you will always find something new to discover. However, we here at Israel Tours understand the need to see it all. To experience the feeling of living like a local.

If you are itching to get off the beaten trek and explore a new side of Israel, we get it. From beautiful hikes to swimming holes only the locals know there is something to be found for any nature lover. Israel is one of the most artistic countries in the world.

We praise art and welcome creativity. When traveling through Israel keep a lookout for galleries and museums featuring local artists. Desserts, beaches, architecture and history our country has it all. But if you’re looking for hidden treasures then here are a few things you can do on your summer vacation that aren’t the typical tourist attractions.

Go on a Water Hike

Israel is notoriously hot and dry in the summer. Surely there are many ways to beat the heat. Your hotel probably has a fantastic pool. The beaches are glorious and offer a chance to get in the water. However, did you know you can also find an excellent selection of beautiful water hikes in Israel? One of our favorites is hiking the Zavitan Stream.

Tucked away in the Golan Heights region you will find the twisting and turning Zavitan stream. The basalt rock is chipped away by the water creating glorious waterfalls and deep cool pools. The pools offer a refreshing chance to cool off, and the scenery is breathtaking. Fig trees and other native plants provide shade as you hike the trails or sit by one of the dozens of pools. For the more adventurous there are some opportunities to jump from the cliffs.

This hike follows the stream through impressive canyons. There are various paths to follow, and there are hares for experienced hikers and families alike. If you want something more challenging, then you might find the Black Gorge as an exciting choice. It is only accessible through rappelling in, and the trail is only available through an advanced arrangement. We suggest you stay the night in one of the campgrounds because this place offers so much.

Off the Beaten Trek Art

Israel has some of the finest museums in the world. Have you have visited all the most well-known museums? Maybe you are searching for something eclectic? If you want to see some of the funkier art that Israel has to offer, then here are a few options to consider.

Sculpture Road (Derech HaPesalim)

Along route 44 off highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, you will find a collection of artworks. This is a beautiful scenic 10-kilometer drive through the Presidents Forest. The artwork was created by immigrant artists and is environmentally friendly. This is a perfect day trip for you and your family. Bring your lunch along and eat it in one of the quaint picnic areas.

Under the Radar Gallery Tel Aviv

The Under 1,000 Gallery is located at 60 Abarbanel St, Florentine, Tel Aviv. This gallery offers an affordable wide range of beautiful, original local artworks. At this gallery, you will find artwork created by a variety of talented Israeli artists. They have works by well-known artists as well as promising young artists. As the name implies, they are all on sale for under a thousand dollars. This is a hidden gem in the Israeli art market.

See the Village of Kerem HaTeimanim

Behind the bustling Carmel Market and the crowds on Allenby Street, you will find the picturesque village of Kerem HaTeimanim. Yemen Vineyard as it translates to English is one of the best-kept secrets of Tel Aviv. It was settled by Yemenis immigrants in 1904 and has escaped the modernization of the city. The atmosphere feels authentic with narrow alleyways and quaint streets. The locals are friendly and offer a smile to all. This may be the perfect place to come after your Tel Aviv city, one day tour.

This is the best place in the city to find great, traditionally cooked Yemenis food. They are known for their fantastic hummus. After eating your fill on fabulous food and walking through the streets finding all of the villages hidden treasures you may be thirsty. If you want to experience the city as a local, why not stop off at the Norman Bar and choose from a wide selection of domestic and imported beers.

Mingle and Dine With The Locals

If you are looking for a genuine Israeli experience, then perhaps you will be interested in trying out the company Betzavta. Betzavta means “together” in Hebrew, and this company brings together travelers and locals for an authentic meal. They offer the chance to create friendships and give you a truly local experience. They will match you with a host who will invite you for a casual Israeli dinner in their home.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t even scratch the surface of amazing things you can do on your trip to Israel. You can find adventures everywhere in our country. We all know that Israel offers beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious hotels. The country is famous for its historical and cultural heritage sites. However, if you look a little closer, you will find hidden adventures everywhere. Outstanding geographic locations and scenic panoramas are abundant you look for them.  For our more adventurous visitors, you can join the locals in their summer traditions of cliff jumping and rock climbing.

If you are curious to see the country through the eyes of a local, then we encourage you to try a few new things on our list. It’s time to take the path less traveled and see Israel as the natives do. We promise you will fall in love with the country all over again. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten trek!

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