5 Must-See Places in Vancouver

by Julia on March 25, 2019

In British Columbia, located between the mountains and the Pacific coast, is the city of Vancouver, one of the five best cities in the world to live according to a study by the consultancy Mercer. Living in Canada, one of the countries with the best quality of life on the planet, is a great experience and Vancouver is its main standard, so we want to show you in this article the essential places to see when you go to Vancouver for your holidays.

It has a large stretch of beaches to the west and is surrounded by natural parks to the east. It is considered the most expensive city in North America but also one of the safest cities in the world. Luckily there are a lot of job offers and salaries are high, so if you want to work in Canada, Vancouver is a good city to find employment opportunities.

But since everything is not work, so you can enjoy your stay in Vancouver to the fullest, in this article we bring you a selection of the places in the city that you cannot miss and tips to get the most out of them. Keep reading if you want to know more about its most emblematic points before catching the plane.

1. Gastown

You could say that Gastown is the oldest part of the city. It has a very classical architecture, with buildings of four floors tops, wide sidewalks and trees. In this area you can find cafes, workshops and small shops. The street keeps the charm of what was the city in its infancy. On Water Street, in the center of the Gastown neighborhood, is the Steam Clock, turned into an icon of the city in a more casual than premeditated way. It is a clock of Victorian design but of modern manufacture (1977) whose main function was to cover a grid of steam of the street. Every thirty minutes you can see the steam coming from the chimneys on the small roof that covers the clock. Everyone who visits the city has an appointment with the Steam Clock if only to take a photo.

2. Stanley Park

It is the largest urban park in all of Canada. It has two lakes and many kilometers of paths to travel by bike, skates or walk while enjoying the views of the bay. Stanley Park is located in the northern part of the peninsula and right next to the city center, which makes it a perfect place to visit at any time. Within the perimeter of the park are Lake Beaver and Lost Lagoon. At the southeast tip of the peninsula we find the totems, replicas of the originals carved by the natives of the region centuries ago. The Vancouver Aquarium and the waterfront (Vancouver Seawall) are other places we can visit in the vicinity of Stanley Park. To the north is Prospect Point, a restaurant with terrace and a cozy atmosphere in which we can enjoy a quiet meal with beautiful views. In addition, if we are lucky we will be able to observe the native fauna of the area: some two hundred species of birds as well as raccoons, hares or squirrels.

3. Granville Island

One of the most charming neighborhoods in the city belongs in Granville Island. With a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, it has a fresh food market and an area with many options to eat, buy crafts or have a beer or a coffee. It is a perfect place to go to spend the day. The fresh food market is one of the most emblematic places in the city, with a wide variety of food stalls that range from garden products to homemade pastries. Grandville Island is an island located in False Creek and can be reached by bus or ferry. It is more advisable to use public transport than to bring our own car, parking areas are limited and it is a very busy place.

4. Science World

Located east of False Creek, Science World is an interactive science museum. If you are a lover of science and technology you will surely enjoy your visit. From the outside you can admire the building with spherical shape of the building, at night illuminated in a surprising way. It is one of the most representative elements of the skyline of this city. The activities and experiments of the exhibition are ideal for the enjoyment of the little ones but no less entertaining for adults. The museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions on different scientific branches.

5. Vancouver Lookout

It is located on top of the Harbor Center, a skyscraper located in the financial district of the city and one of the most memorable spots of Vancouver. It is located in the crown of the building at 168m high and offers a 360 degree panoramic view from where you can admire the whole city and the port. Tickets can be purchased at the tourist information office in front of the Vancouver Convention Center and also on its website. With this entrance you can access the building during the whole day, being the most recommended hours to visit the skyscraper the first hour of the morning and last of the afternoon, to observe the illuminated city with the light of the dusk.

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