How To Make Your Sailing Vacation Memorable

by Julia on March 21, 2019

The experience you get from exploring the blue waters, spectacular coral reefs and sunbathing on secluded sand beaches should be on your list of expectations as you plan your sailing vacation. If you’ve never experienced it before, the real feeling is difficult to define.

Of course, you can see pictures of spectacular views and amazing sea life, but you can’t articulate the feeling you get as you sail through some of the most magnificent island destinations. Most people describe the feeling as intoxicating, life-changing and exhilarating, but one thing is for sure- it is a unique vacation.

Here are four tips to plan for your next sailing vacation.

Pick The Right Destination

One benefit of taking a sailing vacation is that virtually any location you pick offers an opportunity to get amazing sights from only one unique perspective- on a yacht. While cruise liners are usually restricted to ports of call, private yachts can reach places that are away from crowds.

But ultimately, you have to choose a destination. Here are a few tips that can help.

Your Personality

Your personality has a huge impact on your preferred destination. You may need to ask yourself the following: what best describes your personality? Most people are adventurous choose destinations that offer vast wildlife and places to explore while those who consider themselves peaceful, prefer beautiful sceneries with a relaxing atmosphere.

Your Budget

It would be a great idea to own a magnificent yacht and sail across all the beautiful islands in the world, but if your budget is small, you have to decide. So pick a destination that fits within your budget for a start.

What You Expect From A Destination

When picking a destination, consider what it has to offer. Look at the amenities and their cuisines, and other perks. To find the best destination, start by looking at the most popular and research about each destination. Remember to look at everything including reviews from previous visitors, costs and sceneries.

Based on your taste and preferences, compare many places and rank them. This will help you make an informed decision.

Choose The Right Boat

The boat you choose majorly depend on your personal tastes, budget, and preferences, but there are several boats to choose from many companies. For start, visit to see.

Some yachts differ significantly, while others share certain features. But once your budget is ready, you can start searching for charters that suits your financial range. You can also reduce your options based on the type of boat, amenities offered, and other benefits.

The best approach is to find a boat that meets your needs first. If it also meets your budget, then the perks and the extras can always be bargained and included later.

Most importantly, find out about the yacht’s safety equipment features, basic amenities, and basic necessities offered. You don’t want to miles away in the sea only to discover you’re missing something important.

Travel And Hotels

The cost of travel and lodges is often overlooked when planning for a sailing vacation. Most charter companies have their own travel agents or recommend those who can help their clients secure hotels and air travel for convenience.

Provisions are other costs which are not included in an initial yacht charter price unless it’s stated as part of a special package. Nonetheless, packaged provisions are typically meant to last for only a few days of sailing.

For convenience, always book your flight once you have chosen the boat and you know its availability. That’s why advance planning is essential, you may be stuck with plane tickets or a yacht that fall short on your expectations.

Get Agreements Right

Booking a yacht takes more than verbal agreements. Often, you may be required to make a deposit to hold the vessel and the written contract must be signed to that effect. The contract protects you and the charter company should any problems arise.

Usually, a contract expounds on insurance and liability information, cancellation policies, and boat conditions and handling.

Before appending your signature on any contract, carefully go through it and ask any questions. Some of the most important things you should know include refund policies, price breakdowns, and effects of weather on sailing time, and procedures addressing charter boat issues.

Planning a sailing vacation can be fun as you look forward to the trip. If you’re actively involved in your travel plans, you will reduce the risk of having unexpected issues. So make good organization skills your best friend.

A sailing vacation should be on your list this year. And these planning tips will help you make your sailing vacation seamless and memorable.

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