How to Keep Your Travelling Equipment Optimal

by Julia on March 14, 2019

Learn how to keep your travelling equipment optimal by packing only the essentials.

Are you getting ready to travel and looking for the best ways to keep your travelling equipment optimal? Keep reading because we have some really great tips for you!

One of the biggest mistakes that many would-be travelers make is that of trying to pack too much all at once. Learning how to pack only what’s essential is truly an art. If you haven’t watched this How To Pack Like a Pro video, it’s probably time you joined the other 4 million viewers who’ve watched it already.

Apart from learning how to pack efficiently, here are the top five things you really should never forget to include in your luggage. (Plus a bonus accessory at the end!)

1.Portable power bank

If you’re going to a country you’ve never been too, you don’t know what the power situation is going to be like. After hours of flying and waiting in transit, you’ll probably have de-charged your phone’s battery. There’s nothing like a portable power bank to save the day in moments like these. Buy a power bank from a reputable company such as Samsung.

2.Universal plug adapter

While we’re talking gadgets, we might as well caution you to carry a universal plug adapter at that. If you’re traveling to the European continent, you’ll be amazed by how plugs differ from mainland England to France! Trust us on this one, get your charger while you’re still home otherwise you’ll have to resort to purchasing an expensive adapter when you get overseas.

3.A warm jacket

People don’t often think about this little fact, but planes and buses can get quite cold at night – like super cold! Always carry a warm jacket with you or a lightweight blanket for such moments. You don’t want to be caught unawares and have to sit through the flight with chattering teeth!

4.A pocket knife

Pocket knives are so handy thanks to their multi-functionality. Classic knives like the Swiss Army pocket knife boast a range of tools such as a bottle opener, spoon, fork, point blade, and screwdriver. Don’t forget to buy a pocket knife sharpener to complement your pocket knife. Otherwise, what good is a blunt knife that you can’t use right?

5.Emergency medical kit

This doesn’t have to be as big as the traditional First Aid kit, but it should contain important medication such as personal prescriptions, bandages, gauze, adhesives, cold medication, laxatives, allergy medication, antibacterial ointment, eye drops, mosquito repellant and pain killers. If you have extra space you can consider throwing in a couple of water purification tablets and some hand sanitizer.

Bonus: Water bottle

Never underestimate the water bottle. If you’re going to places that will be particularly hot, a water bottle will come in very handy. It means you don’t have to spend money every time you need some water. Furthermore, your own water bottle ensures that you know the quality of the water that you’re drinking. You can throw in a couple of water purification tablets before drinking it.

Final thoughts

Learning how to pack efficiently will reduce the amount of time you pack and re-pack your bag to ensure everything fits in properly. These five handy must-carry accessories are really the backbone of your travelling equipment. With these, you need very little else.

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