South East Asia – Where to Travel if you like Watersports

by Julia on March 6, 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, backpacker, even a newbie traveler, you will find Southeast Asia as an easy choice for a travel destination. This subregion in Asia is a picture of mesmerizing culture, delicious food, warm friendly people, amazing natural landscape and adventurous activities. Home to nine countries and 655 million people, this place will keep you come back again and again.

Most people picture a coconut drink in their hand while lying on the beach with pristine water and lulled by ocean waves. But this mostly tropic region has a lot more to offer than being a beach bum. Hanging out on the beach and just being lazy might be the most relaxing, but you would be missing out on adventures that this region is known for.

Here are some water adventure activities to do in the beautiful region of Southeast Asia.

Surf Time

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, the surfing world will welcome you with open arms. Southeast Asia has some of the best spots to practice and hone your surfing skills.

If you happen to be a newbie of this water sport, you might want to check out the island of Siargao in the Philippines. The surfing spot on this island is considered a reef break, which means the waves you want to ride are relatively near to the shore. This makes it perfect for beginners to practice their skills or at least stand on their board.

Bali, Indonesia may be viewed as a relaxing place to swim and mingle with locals as portrayed in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” but talented surfers are drawn to this place because of its quality breaks. The coast of Bali has some of the most intimidating huge waves that would make you want to ride your board ASAP. But if you still prefer a more easy ride, there are some spots that have smaller and milder waves.


If you prefer to stay on the surface or get close to the islets around, then you’re probably a fan of kayaking. Some spots in SEA are the best places to paddle your way to the beauty of nature.

Known as the picturesque spot, even featured in a James Bond movie, is the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand. Littered with around 40 islands and adorned with mangroves, corals and seagrass beds, this spot is a must visit when you want to explore using your kayak.

If you want to explore waterscapes that features caves, and limestone cliffs then Ha Long Bay is the right place for you. This breathtaking kayaking location in Vietnam will fill your Instagram with mesmerizing photos of nature.


Fishing is one of the classic travel hobbies in the West, which you can also surely enjoy in the East. Bring along your best fishing gear and make sure you have the right tools because you are up for some wild fishing.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro angler, a visit to the northern seacoast of Malaysia in Redang will surely be an experience you do not want to miss. This spot is a dream come true for those who want deep sea fishing. This place is dubbed as the “Tongue of The Ocean” because it is teeming with aquatic wildlife from snapper, sailfish, jacks, mackerels and even barracudas.

Mekong River, is the world’s twelfth longest river and seventh longest in Asia, running from six countries in Asia namely:

  • China

  • Myanmar

  • Thailand

  • Laos

  • Cambodia

  • Vietnam

Billions of fish make an annual migration to this body of water, from Mekong giant catfish, giant bard, Siamese carp, arapaima to silvery carps. The best place to fish is around the territory covered by Thailand and Laos. If you want to catch some giant freshwater fish, the Mekong river is a place to be.

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