Best things to do in Marrakech

by Julia on March 4, 2019

Marrakech is a vibrant city, with a rich culture and interesting history, and there is truly something for all the family. In fact, we’ve separated our picks according to your interests. As you’ll soon learn, there is actually so much to do in the Moroccan capital that it might be a squeeze to fit it all in.


For those of you who like to come home with a brand-new wardrobe or even just a couple of things for the home, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in Marrakech.

The city is famous for its huge marketplaces, called souks, where you can buy anything from food to rugs to musical instruments. In fact, sometimes the souks can feel like a city all their own. Souk Semmarine is the largest of all, so you’ll definitely find something you love there, but make sure to haggle with the trader in order to get the best price.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a European-style shopping mall or independent boutiques, head to the Gueliz neighbourhood to find brand names at a decent price.

If you’re not nervous about driving a car in a foreign country (remember, they drive on the right in Morocco!) our best advice is to hire a car in Marrakech so that you can hit as many of the spots on this list as possible and bring home all of your shopping. If you decide to go down that route, make sure you get the best possible deal by going through a price comparison site. That way, you’ll have more cash to indulge in the city’s unique cuisine and souvenirs to remember the trip.


We believe that if you want to really get to know a culture when you travel, you have to eat their traditional foods (and not the kind that are watered down for tourists). Morocco is no exception, so where can you go for some top-notch authentic cuisine?

If you’re looking for light snacks, head to Zwin’ Zwin’ café for sweet mint tea and cakes, but make sure to sit on the rooftop in order to enjoy the panoramic views. On a clear day, you can see as far as the Atlas Mountains. If you’re looking for a main meal, head to Terrasse Bakchich, in the heart of the medina for their speciality tagines.

If you fancy your hand at cooking Moroccan food for yourself, try out the sessions organised by Souk Cuisine. It’s a cooking class run by local women, but the twist is that they’ll take you to the souks first to haggle for ingredients, just like a Moroccan would.

Want to relive your adventure when you get home? Then head to the Souk Place des épices in order to get the right spices to recreate your favourite dishes. (Even if you’re not a talented chef, your kitchen will always smell delicious!) Make sure to check the customs guidelines before shopping though, especially after Brexit.

Art Lovers

It’s no secret that Marrakech is a site of inspiration for many artists – one look at the brightly coloured buildings and unique architecture should convince you of that – but it is also home to many sites of artistic importance.

This includes the garden of French painter Jacques Majorelle, which has an indigo blue art deco home as its focal point, and a museum dedicated to the life and work of French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Both artists lived in Marrakech for a time, with Yves Saint Laurent even buying the Jardin Majorelle in 1980.

The Jardin Majorelle, is a botanical garden featuring hundreds of cacti species, while the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, which opened next door to the garden in 2017, displays hundreds of garments from the designer’s 40-year career.

Culture Vultures

If you want to immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture, then you should visit the Jemaa el-Fnaa square, where you’ll find snake charmers, street entertainers, and henna artists.

If you’re interested in the history of the city, you can visit the ruins at El Badi Palace or even the Maison de la Photographie, where exhibitions document the history of Morocco over the past 100 years. You’ll be amazed at what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Whatever you want to do in Morocco, make sure to drink plenty of water and use plenty of sunscreen to avoid heatstroke.

 There you have it, there’s a little something to do for everyone in the beautiful city of Marrakech, making it a great destination for all kinds of travellers.

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