Three Great Ways to Use and Get More Out of Your Travel Photos

by Julia on February 13, 2019

After 6 years of travel and 33 countries I have a lot of photos. Each one captures an important moment, so I have been thinking about how to get more out of them. Here are a few of the ideas I have come up with.

Turn a few into art for your walls

One quick and easy idea is to send your best shots off to and have them turned into canvas prints. You can send them as gifts or put them up in your home base. There are many different sizes, frames and finishes for you to choose between, so it is not hard to create the perfect wall art.

Create a travel or vacation slideshow video

Turning some of your photos into videos enables you to quickly enjoy your best photos. Making them accessible like this makes it far more likely that you will look at and enjoy them. It is really easy to create this type of video if you use an app or online program like Renderforest.

Usually you just need to upload the photos you want to have included in your slideshare video. Then, you just have to arrange them into the right order and click the button that enables the program to create your video.

Once your video slideshow has been created just share the link with your friends. This is an especially good option for someone like me who is always on the road. Some of these slideshow video services enable you to add text, music or an audio file. So, potentially you can tell your friends and family a little about where you were when the shots you have used were taken.

Turn your favorites into trinkets

Carrying a few photos with you is a great way to remind yourself of that perfect day. There are lots of ways to do this. The old favorite of creating a key ring is a great idea. But, for the modern traveler a better option is something like a phone case. Laptop and tablet cases also work for a lot of people.

Some photos would also look great printed onto cups, photo cubes and other items. You might also want to consider getting one turned into a wall sticker. This is a really easy way to create a feature wall.

The importance of keeping your photos organized

Studies show that those people who keep their travel photos well-organized look at them more. The best way to do this is to sort them as you go. So, each day put aside 20 minutes or so to flick through the photos you have taken, so far.

Don’t shirk from discarding those that are not very good. If you do not do this, over time, you will end up with hundreds of photos that you will not miss. These are all photos that you would have to flick through the next time you want to remember the day you visited the Eifel Tower. Doing that is pretty tiresome and something that will really put you off of reminiscing by going through your holiday snaps.

Narrowing down your collection as you go and keeping them in properly labeled folders will make things a whole lot easier. When you organize as you go you will be far more likely to look at and enjoy your travel photos.

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