Why Bali Has to Be on Your Upcoming Bucket List

by Julia on February 11, 2019

If you’re in need of a vacation, or maybe just ready to start planning your next travel excursion, it’s important to check yourself and ask: “what kind of vacation do I need?” Do you need a relaxing vacation? An adventure vacation? A new cultural experience? Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s one travel destination that can meet almost every need: Bali, Indonesia. Here are six reasons why Bali has to be on your upcoming bucket list.

Beautiful beaches and scenery

Bali’s beaches aren’t just beautiful; they are some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world! Not to mention, there are almost a hundred different beaches for you to choose from. For example, according to the Honeycombers, there’s Seminyak Beach with almost three miles of white sand, dotted with beach bars, five-star hotels and restaurants, and many clubs to offer you nighttime entertainment! Or there’s Nua Dua Beach, which is ideal for families, since in addition to the calm water and watersport activities, there are also family-friendly restaurants and shopping spots in the area. If you’re looking to try your hand (or your leg!) at surging, you should head to Balangan Beach, which is one of the top surf beaches in the area.

Overall, the scenery in Bali is absolutely one-of-a-kind. From cliff-top viewpoints, to waterfalls and lakes, and some of the best sunsets in the world. Not only is Bali a photographer’s dream, it’s also the perfect place to retreat to to really take in the beauty of nature in an unparalleled way, gain some perspective and recharge your gratitude stores.

Luxurious accommodations

If you’re looking for real luxury, you can easily find it in Bali. Since the area has boomed in tourism in recent years, the number of incredible hotels has only grown. You can find a five-star hotel with a striking infinity pool, or you can choose to stay more natural accommodations, like an outdoor bungalow. You can even find unique places to stay, like a giant treehouse, or a yoga retreat! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a hotel or room the rent that offers it.

You can visit any time of year

Bali is sunny year-round, which means you can plan a trip there pretty much any month out of the year, whether you need a summer vacation or a winter escape. The tropical climate, and average of 12-13 hours of daylight per day makes it a perfect vacation spot for when you need to get away – no matter the time of year!

Magnificent temples  

Another one of the countless reasons that Bali should be on your bucket list is its beautiful temples. These temples have become a hallmark of Bali’s beauty and draw for both tourists and long-term visitors alike. In fact, some of them have become some of the most important landmarks on the island. Some of the must-see temples include Tanah Lot in West Bali, which is one of the most popular temples in tourism publications due to its ocean-side setting, and also Uluwatu Temple, which sits on top of a southwest cliff top over the water. There’s also Besakih templte, which is often referred to as Bali’s “mother temple,” and is really more like several temples and structures in one, since it features multiple shrines.

Unique, welcoming culture

The Balinese people are kind and welcoming to tourists, and they pride themselves on hospitality. Plus, there are many special cultural ceremonies that are incredible to observe, such as the temple celebrations and anniversaries.

Endless opportunities

Finally, Bali is a great place that you can explore on your own terms. Drive a reliable car, or rent another local vehicle of your choice and take your time exploring the city. Plus, you’ll only be able to access some of the islands most secluded and beautiful spots, such as White Sand Beach (which is only accessible by road trip), if you have your own vehicle, so renting a car is definitely a worthwhile investment when you plan your trip to Bali.

As you can see Bali in a place like no other, and definitely deserves a spot of your bucket list. Whether you need a romantic vacation, a family trip, or even a solo escape, Bali just may be the perfect spot you’re looking for.

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