These 6 Untold Places Will Make You Fall in Love with Glasgow

by Julia on January 21, 2019


It never takes itself too seriously, but Glasgow has serious yet interesting things to offer.

Scotland’s largest urban area is a bona fide capital, home to topnotch galleries and museums, vibrant fests, and one of the prime live music scenes in Great Britain.

This city offers a variety of top-notch dining places which are renowned for its hospitable native workers, irreverent sense of humour, and not to mention, it is also something of a shopper’s heaven.

The legendary Wellington sculpture, embellished with a traffic cone, is actually a perfect example of the locals’ sense of humour.

If you are planning your break in Glasgow or if you are a regular visitor of this city, check out these places and explore new things next time you are in town.

  1. Ashton Lane

Although well-known to local people, tourists of Glasgow might easily skip the appeal of Ashton Lane if they do not keep their eyes peeled!

Stashed in the city’s western end, this charming stoned street is ornamented with fairy lamps and is the place to find a number of great pubs and eateries, such as the popular The Grosvenor Cinema and Ubiquitous Chip.

  1. Tchai-Ovna

Scots adore a good cup of joe, and no other places can offer a wide range than Tchai-Ovna.

This enchanting, yet slightly ramshackle bistro is housed in a former nineteenth-century stables, nestled into a stoned street in the city’s west end. Along with a large number of types of delicious leaf teas, they serve scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food and also host live songs 3 or 4 times a week.

As people of Glasgow are very friendly, so renting flats in Glasgow is a breeze even on affordable rates, this will make you stay longer in the city as well as in the properties where you will enjoy all the luxuries provided by its inhabitants.

  1. Glasgow University

Glasgow University is not actually a ‘hidden’ gem – it is one of the top universities in Scotland, all things considered! – But nor is it an obvious location for tourists to the city. Its environmental cloisters make it a great place for enthusiasts of architectural mastery or pictures, while history and art fanatics can explore the Hunterian Museum which is well worth a visit.

  1. The Necropolis

Inspired by the well-known Père Lachaise in Paris, France, Glasgow’s Necropolis is actually an exceptional Victorian cemetery featured with 3,000 ancient monuments. One of the most noteworthy burial plots is a Celtic cross created by influential Glaswegian designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh and John Knox.

  1. Kibble Palace

Glasgow’s Botanic Landscapes are perfect for a tranquil stroll or stress-free break between shopping sightseeing and tours. Be sure you don’t miss Kibble Palace, the dazzling greenhouse made by engineer and inventor John Kibble, showcasing marbled figurines surrounded by stunning tropical palms, flowers and the National Collection of wood Ferns.

  1. St Aloysius Church

Glasgow hosts a number of spectacular places of worship. One of the most remarkable is St Aloysius’ Roman Catholic Chapel, which features a luxurious Rebirth design and style based on the Chapel of the Gesù in Rome and holds a replica of the renowned Our Lady of Montserrat sculpture.

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