How to Explore Australia on a tiny budget

by Julia on January 15, 2019

It’s easy to travel if you have enough money for it. What if you don’t have it, especially, if you plan to travel to one of the most expensive countries like Australia? Here we offer several australia travel tips for students or those who don’t have enough money at their disposal but want to see the beauty of this unique country. Aiming to reach this goal, you should learn several things to know about australia. Here they are!

Watching Exotic Animals and Birds

As you may know from your school biology course, Australia has a unique flora and fauna. You can spend several days watching animals and birds for free. Despite the common opinion that Australia is the smallest continent, it’s huge! There are a lot of things to see there, but you should be ready to drive long hours. Whether you decide to stay in one state or travel to others, this trip will not be boring at all!

Learn the Language

Yes, you can do it. What? Do you know English already? Australian English is slightly different. Australian students, as well all Australians, tend to use a lot of slang. So, maybe it will not be easy for you to understand them at once. For example, if you were invited to drink tea, it means that Australians want you to stay for dinner. They call flip-flops “thongs” and ketchup “tomato sauce.” Be ready to communicate a lot and expand your knowledge of English slang.

Swimming and Sunbathing

If you’re a fan of swimming and sunbathing, Australia offers multiple free opportunities for this. However, there are some rules. When you decide to swim in the ocean, don’t forget that this ocean is full of sharks and this adventure can be extremely dangerous. Aiming to avoid unpleasant meetings with sharks, Australians invented flags between which you need to swim. So, make sure you don’t swim along outside these flags.

Play Rugby, Not Football

Australians love sports, and you can make friends easily if you’re a fan of rugby. You’re lucky if you have an opportunity to study in Australia, but you should forget about football if you’re a fan of this sport because they prefer rugby. If you want to make friends in Australia, start to learn how to play rugby. Once you find where you can buy assignment Australia, you can buy cheap tickets to watch a rugby game in advance if you know your travel schedule and experience a lot of positive emotions.

Save on Tips!

Good news is that you don’t need to leave tips in a restaurant or other public places. It’s not that Australians are greedy, restaurants include a service fee in your bill. Hence, you don’t need to leave some extra money to pay for the waiter’s service. This will help you save some money as Australia is very expensive especially for students.

Be Careful with Rentals

When you are searching for appropriate accommodation in Australia, make sure that you get the message right. If, for example, you’re living in Europe, homeowners place advertising with a rental price for one month, while in Australia they specify the price of apartments for one week. Education in Australia is not cheap as well as accommodation for travelers. Therefore, it’s better to use couchsurfing websites to find free apartments that Australian students are ready to share with budget travelers like you. This is a good opportunity to find new friends as well.

BBQ and Outdoors

Australians love to spend time outside and make BBQ. If you were invited to join a BBQ party in Australia, you should bring some food and drinks to show politeness. You can make a salad, buy a bottle of wine or bake a dessert – it doesn’t matter. The most important is that you helped hosts to make this party and they will accept you as a friend.

Here we shared several traveling tips if you plan to visit Australia. Having holidays is better than assignment writing, you need to remember the rules we listed here not to be confused. Australians are unique people. Therefore, we advise reading more about Australia and Australians before traveling. We hope that this article was of great help in your trip.

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