Bus? Car? Plane? Bike? What is The Best Way for Traveling across Australia

by Julia on January 15, 2019


To learn to surf, to see a huge pineapple statue, to hug a koala… If this sounds like items on your activities wishlist, it’s time to find out more about a country where it all can come true. Discovering Australia is one of the best life experiences. Whether you plan to work or study in Australia, come here for vacation or visit the country during a business trip, it will be useful to know how to get around.

Transport in Australia

Large distances between big cities and major landmarks make cheap travel in Australia a bit difficult. To choose the best transport, take into consideration the time of stay, your budget, and approximate route. Based on this, you can choose traveling by plane, by bus, by train or by car.


Low competition between operating airlines results in rather expensive tickets. If you are traveling on a budget and want to see different cities, look for early offers and low-cost airlines, like Tiger Airways, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar. Tiger Airways are the most budget-friendly: you can buy a return ticket from Sydney to Perth for 170 AUD.


A public bus is a cheap way to travel around the east coast. Greyhound is the biggest company operating throughout the country; Murrays and Premier operate in regions. When booking in advance, you can even catch tickets for 1 UAD! An average ticket costs around 35 AUD for a day ride and 70 AUD for a night ride. On the west, buses are expensive.


Railway system operates mostly on the east coast. Traveling by train is the most impressive and the most expensive way to get around. For example, a scenic 2,500-mile route from Sydney to Perth will cost you approximately 690 AUD.


This is the cheapest way to travel around Australia, especially if you decide to share a ride with a company. Finding a companion won’t be difficult. There are several car sharing services – CoSeats, Share Ur Ride, Life Social, Catch a Lift. Hostels usually have bulletin boards with posts about car sharing.

You can also rent campervans and motorhomes at Jucy Rentals, but they are quite expensive. Low-cost companies, like Bayswater Car Rental, offer old cars. If you stay with friends at least for a couple of weeks, consider buying a used car (approximately 1,000-2,000 AUD). Share the cost and sell it before leaving.

Public transport

There are bus lines, subways, and tram systems in big cities. A ticket costs around 3-4 AUD. You won’t find a problem with catching a taxi either, but this is an expensive option.

Places to visit

The majority of travelers begin their journey from Sydney, the biggest city and transport hub in Australia. That’s a good start with some must-see locations.

  • Sydney Opera house is the symbol of the continent. You will see it in movies, music videos, on Instagram pages of travel bloggers, even as a background picture on a website of a legit essay writing service in Australia. Don’t miss a chance to see it firsthand.

  • Bondi Beach with its white sand and cosmopolitan vibes is one of the favorite locations for Australian students, couples, families, tourists, joggers, surfers – probably for everyone in Sydney. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet located only 10 km outside the city center.

  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the biggest arch bridge on the globe. You can walk on the side arch at the top and enjoy the view of the city.

  • Sydney Tower Eye is the tallest building in the city with a viewing platform and a shopping neighborhood around it.

  • George Street is the oldest street in Australia, where the major architectural landmarks are located – the Queen Victoria Building, the Sydney Town Hall, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

  • Hyde Park is named after London’s park but has a purely Australian atmosphere. You can stop there to rest from a long walk, come for a picnic or just for people watching.

If you are lucky to stay in Australia for a longer time, decide on the best way to get around and visit at least a couple of the legendary sites from our shortlist.

  • The Great Barrier Reef – a perfect place for diving and snorkeling with colorful underwater plants and inhabitants.

  • The Blue Mountains covered with eucalyptus forests, with mysterious bluish gauze over them and divided by rifts, canyons, and rivers.

  • Uluru – a sacred red mountain formed over six million years ago and one of the most recognizable sites on the planet.

  • Kings Canyon – sacred land of the aborigines with numerous hiking routes and scenic views.

  • Wave Rock – a striking 50-feet-high and over 300-feet-long wave onshore.

  • Great Ocean Road that stretches for 150 miles along the ocean coast in Victoria state.

  • Kuranda – a place to meet native Australians, buy pieces of arts and crafts, see an aborigine playing didgeridoo, and hug a koala in Koala Gardens.

  • The Gippsland Lakes inhabited by bioluminescent microorganisms and shining with the blue light at nighttime.

  • Kakadu National Park with amazing flora and fauna, waterfalls and cliffs, and cruises along Alligator River.

  • Cape Byron – the easternmost point of the continent with its white lighthouse and breathtaking ocean views.

Enjoy your time in Australia!

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