Ideas on Gifting When You’re Far Away

by Julia on December 27, 2018

Can miles truly separate you from your loved ones?

Distance doesn’t matter when your loved ones mean so much to you. You choose different ways to show them how much you love and miss them while being overseas. But, is there any better way to express your warm feelings than sending them adorable gifts?

If you are looking to send something exciting and charming to your loved ones, this article will help you out. Choose any of the following seven creative and interesting ideas to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

  1. Dual Time Zone Watch

Watches such as Tag Heuer have long been considered as one of the most sophisticated and luxurious gifts. have long been considered as one of the most sophisticated and luxurious gifts. But, what’s interesting about sending a watch here is to set it to both their and your time zone. In this way, there will be no need to calculate the time difference between you. All they need to do is to look at their watch. It will serve as a beautiful reminder of your love whenever they check time.

  1. Quote Mug

Want to be the first thing on someone’s mind every morning? Send them a beautiful mug with a lovely quote. Be it your significant other, your close friend, or a family member, quote mugs make a cute gift. It makes them think of you and starts their mornings with you on their mind. Pasting a beautiful snapshot of you with your loved one on the mug will be a cherry on top!

  1. Pillowcases

Now, if you want to make your loved ones think of you before they go to bed, send them pillowcases! You can easily buy pillowcases which are beautifully printed with names, words, and lovely quotes. “Love You”, Kiss Me Goodnight”, and “Miss You” are  adorable customized pillowcases that will surely make your loved one’s happy.

  1. Chocolates and candies

Chocolates always delight us to the core! Who doesn’t like chocolates by the way? Sending a jar or a box of delicious chocolate is always a good idea! Colourful assortment of milk, white, and dark chocolates make an excellent gift. So, if you find nothing else special for your family or loved ones, send them a box of chocolates and candies. A sure-shot to make them happy and thrilled!

  1. Photobook

Are you fond of gathering pictures so your lovely memories never fade away? Use them this time and make a photo collage. Create an appealing photobook out of your treasured pictures and send it to your loved ones. All you need to do is paste your favourite pictures together and develop a beautiful scrapbook full of your treasured memories.

  1. Lap desk or Portable charger

If you want to be more practical, send your loved ones a lap desk or a portable charger. Lap desk is perfect to hold tablets and phones. But why send lap desk as a gift? Because it enables you to have virtual meals together on the go and talk about your day. And, why portable charges? You will never want your loved one’s phone to run out of battery while you are talking. So, gift them a portable cell phone charger or power bank to always stay in touch with them.

  1. Money

If you don’t have time to buy a gift for your loved ones or you just couldn’t decide the best thing to gift, send them money instead. Sending money is always the best last-minute-gift idea. Ask them to buy their favourite item from that money.

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Enjoy your long-distance relationships!

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