5 Reasons Why You Should Go Off-Roading On Your Next Vacation

by Julia on November 22, 2018

The open road is calling. Along the way, you might just discover some untouched dirt roads, uncharted areas in the wilderness and no shortage of awesome scenery. Off-road trips are hot right now, and there’s a variety of reasons why more and more people are taking to the open road.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should consider off-roading during your next vacation.

1. It’s Good for Your Health

It’s true — spending time outside is good for both your physical and mental health. In fact, spending quality time outdoors not only reduces stress, but has also been linked to improved overall satisfaction.

Additionally, it can be emotionally invigorating, and outdoor play can even benefit child brain development, according to Psychology Today. There’s plenty of reasons to consider off-roading for your next vacation; the physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors are just a couple.

2. You’ll Share Quality Family Time Together

A long road trip to a new off-roading destination is a great way to spend quality time with the people to whom you’re close in life, albeit friends or your family. But being cooped up in a confined space does have its drawbacks.

Traveling with a small group by car, no matter the distance, also gives you the chance to work on your conflict resolution skills and provides you with the opportunity to communicate more effectively.

3. You’re in Total Control

Airlines are constantly cancelling and delaying flights. Yes, it’s quite a downer. But, on road trips and off-road adventures, you call the shots. That means no waiting around airport terminals and more time spent having fun outside.

Plus, if you don’t like a certain place or destination, you can just move on to the next; after all, you’re the one responsible for setting your departure time, itinerary, stops along the way and arrival time.

4. Destinations are Limitless

On any given road trip vacation, there’s plenty of ground to cover, as the number of off-roading destinations across the country is seemingly endless. This gives you the freedom to pick a place on a map and start exploring. Some ideas include public lands maintained by the Bureau of Land Management, as well as any number of national parks and national forests.

When traveling to these sites, be sure to check with the park rangers prior to setting out on the trail. Rangers and staff can alert you of road conditions and give you tips to make the best of your trips. Private and public off-road parks are also good options for traveling off-roaders. And trail guides can be a helpful tool when exploring a new place.

5. It’s Cheaper than Traditional Travel

Let’s face it — traditional travel is expensive. From airline tickets to bag fees to splurging for gas and new tires, the costs add up — and they certainly add up quick. This is especially true if you’re planning a trip for a group of people. When it comes to car travel, the costs are fairly minimal.

Certainly, the cost of gas will be one of your biggest expenses, but you may also need to splurge on a set of new tires, perform routine maintenance and watch for any wear and tear on your truck. When it all adds up, road trips and off-road adventures are a much more affordable option.

Be Your Own Boss

From the numerous health benefits and cost savings to becoming your own boss, there’s a slew of reasons why off-road adventures are a popular way to spend a vacation. We hope you’re ready to experience all of what the great outdoors offers while off-roading.

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