Four Seasons – Travel Destinations for Every Season

by Julia on November 16, 2018

Travelling the world can be a really charming experience, especially if you choose the right destination for each season. While there are many destinations that are beautiful throughout the year, certain ones have a particular charm and atmosphere during a specific season. With all those changing colours throughout the years, we have a small selection of destinations from all around the world that will certainly make you fall in love over and over again.

Perfect Travel Destinations for Spring

Spring is certainly a season that will lift your spirits up. After the short winter days, you start noticing that the sun stays a little bit more upon the sky. The sweetness in the air is certainly making you eager to try new things and go to new adventures. Well, what could be more perfect than a week spent in one of the most beautiful places on Earth during this amazing season?

  • Kyoto, Japan. One of the best cities in the world to visit during the spring is Kyoto. The cherry blossoms season is one of the reasons why you should consider this destination. The cherry blossom season starts from the last week of March, all the way throughout to the middle of April. And while it’s difficult to anticipate when the cherry blossoms will peak, visiting this destination during that interval will certainly offer you an unforgettable show of nature.  Because Kyoto is very popular during this particular time of the year, you want to book your accommodation well in advance from your departure time. Otherwise, you will have quite of a restricted assortment of facilities to choose from if you make a last-minute reservation.

  • Stavanger, Norway. This beautiful destination located in Norway has plenty to offer in terms of landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. Because of this reason, the destination is quite popular among trekking lovers. Although it hardly snows in Stavanger, when the spring comes, visitors will certainly have what to admire blooming nature-wise.

  • Montreux, Switzerland. The world-renowned city is perfect if you are searching for a high living standard and fresh, crisp air. Popular because Freddy Mercury chose it as his home during the last years of his life, the city is also popular due to the famous Jazz Festival that takes place each year.

Perfect Travel Destinations for Summer

If summer gives you an extra kick of energy and makes you want to spend your time in truly special destinations, we have some suggestions for you.

  • Salzburg, Austria. Another incredible destination that you can enjoy during the summer, is Salzburg. In spite of the chilly, even frosty winters that you can find here, summer is more generous with the tourists that set foot in this destination. The sparkling rivers and flowering gardens will definitely make you want to go in endless hikes. Besides, you can find accommodation facilities from a range of different types and prices.

  • Bruges, Belgium. The city becomes adorably romantic during the spring, with all its colours and flourishing nature, a beauty that be found in all the countries in the area. The city is reborn during this time of the year and you can spend quite of a great time if you plan your incursion in advance. Plus, you can always visit the hot location from the “In Bruges” movie.

Perfect Travel Destinations for Fall

If you love the changing colours of the fall, then travelling to some of the destinations below will be a truly mesmerizing experience.

  • Budapest, Hungary. The effortless charm of this city seems to be blooming during the fall, even though the days become gradually shorter and colder. Walking through the city can prove quite of a unique experience in itself. For those days when rain and mud seem to be spoiling your fun, go in tours at some of the numerous museums here, go to concerts or even enjoy a cozy night in a local pub, surrounded by friendly locals and foreigners like yourself.

  • Athens, Greece. It is believed that Athens during the fall is a truly magical travel destination. While the prices drop and the crowds disappear, you can still enjoy some of the summer sun. plus, the harvesting season breaths a new life into the whole area. You will see olives being harvested and quite of a fuss around the vineyards in the area.

Perfect Travel Destinations for Winter

Winter travel has its own charm, even if we need to immerse ourselves into warmer clothes and endless layers. But if you want to enjoy the adorable Christmas spirit away from your home, we have a list of perfect destinations.

  • Prague, Czech Republic. The city is also incredibly romantic throughout the year, but especially in the winter when the tourist crowds are less frequent. You can choose from castle tours to dinner cruises and a trip to the Jewish Quarter.

  • Madina, Saudi Arabia. Medina is the largest city with high importance for the Muslim confession. But besides being a religious hot spot, the destination also has an amazingly impressive beauty and cleanliness. The main place of interest is located in the very center of this city. It consists of a complex of mosques and it is believed that once, the home of the Prophet Muhammad was built here. While the medina complex of mosques is exclusively reserved to the Muslims, you can still enjoy the neighbouring areas and breath-taking buildings. And don’t be frightened by the hot climate here, as during the winter, it allows visitors to breath some fresh, yet warm air. Besides, you will be able to catch a stunning bronze. Sightseeing the city is certainly an experience that you must try while here. Make sure that you find your accommodation well in advance, as this season becomes incredibly busy. Find luxury accommodation in one of the best hotels in the area. You will have an easier time visiting the majestic religious monuments, like the Masjid al-Qiblatayn Mosque. A stay in a luxury hotel will also help you make the most out of your journey in this mesmerizing destination.

This is our top of some of the best places around the world to visit, regardless of your favourite travel season.

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