Don’t Miss these 5 Things Before Purchasing Travel Insurance

by Julia on October 29, 2018


Are you ready for your adventure to Ireland? Do you have everything that you need? Or are you still thinking whether you need a travel insurance for this European adventure?

Insurance is a form of investment for yourself for your peace of mind and safety. As an investment, it only makes sense that you get the most out of it. So, before you purchase travel insurance, check out below tips to make a wise decision:


  1. Set The Coverage You Want. If your travel is long-term, once-in-a-lifetime and you’re on a tight budget, then should think over the coverage that you want. Does it cover medical, road or terrorist-related accidents? Does it include theft coverage? If you’re a frequent traveler, check what makes more sense when getting one-time or annual travel insurance.


By setting the coverage you want, you get to reflect on what scenarios are possible during your travel in Ireland and this sets you to the path on looking for an insurance that can protect you from those scenarios. Additionally, you are narrowing down the insurance providers available out there since there are many providers of travel insurance in Ireland.


  1. Know Your Budget. Any type of insurance is a good investment as it is an investment for your welfare and protection. Of course, this is is an additional cost as this is not really a basic necessity compared to a person’s basic needs such as food and shelter.


For budget travellers, setting a definite amount is an effective way when selecting a variety of insurance available. This is also helpful as most companies that issue travel insurance ask customers primarily on what are their budget prior presenting them packages with varying coverage.


  1. Research About Policies And Exclusions. The coverage of your travel insurance revolves in the exclusions of your insurance. If you’re travelling with a set itinerary, activities and a purpose then you will already have an idea as to what other possible scenarios you might encounter.


If you plan to explore the country by a road trip, you can also get car insurance. If you are engaging in activities such as horseback riding, skiing or skydiving, look for an insurance that will cover this. Likewise, check if unwanted cancellations of flight due to natural disaster or acts of terrorism are covered.


There are a variety of travel insurances in Ireland which can be accessed online and you can make the best deal by reading about policies and exclusions whether they are aligned to your need or not.


  1. Compare, Compare and Compare! To get the best deal, the best thing to do is compare all insurance packages and even customized packages.


In this manner, all the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance package are highlighted and the weight of making a decision is easily done because there is an available data for comparison. If you are a getting a travel insurance, it’s best to compare them with other insurance to ensure that you have the best coverage.


  1. Buy From Travel Insurance Companies. Get travel insurance in Ireland from a company whose main product is insurance. Purchasing travel insurance from an airline, travel agency or tour operator costs more and it means less coverage as this is only considered an addition to their main product.

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