Things To Prepare For Your Asian Escapade

by Julia on September 28, 2018

We all have different reasons why we travel. For some it’s a way to enrich their soul, others want memorable adventures. Then there are those who want to experience captivating culture. Asia is a dream destination for many people. It is the biggest continent by population and land size and is composed of an estimated 2,197 languages. It is rich in history, culture, tradition and ethnic diversity.

Each and every country in Asia can boast themselves of different offerings to tourist. Travelling in this seemingly mysterious and intriguing continent gives you a wide-array of activities to do, cuisines to die for and culture to immerse in. It can be overwhelming to plan out and organize your Asian escapade so here are some things to prepare yourself for your orient adventure.

Familiarize Yourself

Research the specific country you are going to visit. Asia is a vast continent that covers 44.58 million square kilometers of our planet. It is impossible for you to go cover all of Asia within your timeframe, more so if you are just vacationing. It is more practical to visit a specific region in the continent for you to appreciate your vacation. You need to be mindful about the legal papers you need for each country have their own visa requirements. Unless you have a German passport, which makes you eligible for a visa-free access to 177 countries then you might not be stressed out about it.

Also, plan out how you would get connected at home. There are some countries in Asia that provide free sim card for tourist upon landing in their respective international airport. Some places offers limited public Wi-Fi access so you need to be mindful. I learned that less the hard way. I was working on an important task that needed internet connection while in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. Moments before I finish it I received noticed that says “My 2-hour access has been consumed.” I felt doomed. I panicked, but fortunately asked a stranger for help.

Be familiar with the weather season when you are visiting an Asian country. You might have a fancy idea that Southeast Asia is all sunny, but they are visited by typhoon regularly. The Philippines, for example, gets hit by an average of 20 typhoons every year. So do your research on when is the best place to visit the country you are eyeing.

In addition, it is important to take note of the kind of vaccine you will need to protect yourself from any diseases that is present in the country.

Be knowledgeable about your finances

We have already established the kind of diversity Asia possesses, but that does not end in the cultural aspect. The continent also has a vibrant and varied economy. You might be able to live like a royalty in India, Thailand and Cambodia but you are likely to be shocked about how expenses vary the moment you land in Asian countries like Japan and Singapore.

Unlike in Europe where many countries have the same currency, as being part of EU, Asian countries all have their own respective currency and that means different rate exchange as well.

Do take note though, that in Cambodia you do not need to change your US dollar because it is considered as their unofficial second currency. Do be sure to plan for unexpected expenses.

Get insurance

Just like in any aspect of life, travelling also exposes you to risk of bumps from time to time. You probably have a friend with horrible stories about airport disruptions, lost baggage, and activity accidents. You are likely to visit and go isolated places in Asia and, knock on wood, if things turn nasty you are likely to shell out a big amount of money just to calm any mayhem. You need to avail a travel insurance to prevent you from going to any dreadful situation. I mean, you travelled a thousand miles to relax and not to get stressed out.

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