How to Plan Your Next Girl Squad Yacht Holiday

by Julia on September 12, 2018

Why not have an all ladies holiday with a pinch of adventure while learning to sail? Yachting or sailing is a great holiday and an amazing team building activity if you want to get involved in the action. In this article I will talk about how you can plan this type of holiday and what you should and shouldn’t expect.

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Decide the size of the yacht that you’ll need

The first factor that you’ll need to consider when planning your next girl squad yacht holiday is exactly how many people will be embarking on the trip. This will help you to determine what sized yacht you require.

If there are many of you embarking on the journey, then you will naturally need a much larger yacht. You should also think about the type of yacht you want; whether it’s a Bareboat Yacht Charter, Skippered Yacht Charter or a Flotilla Yacht, for example.

The size of the yacht for your girl squad holiday will depend on how many people are going on the trip, as well as other factors. You may want a yacht that comes with a tour guide or you may wish to join another group of people to provide you with even more company for your adventure.

Remember that some yachts will have more space than others so when deciding on the size of your yacht, you should also consider how long your trip will be. This is so you can account for how much luggage each individual will require.

Choose your location

An important decision when planning your girls’ holiday is deciding exactly where you want to sail to. Your location of your yacht holiday will depend on what you want to get out of it. You may wish to spend most of your time onboard the yacht, or you may prefer to park up somewhere each day and explore new places.

Whatever your decision, you should ensure that every member of your girl squad is in agreement so that the yacht holiday is as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

Choosing your location is important; have some incredible sailing locations around the Greek Islands which are ideal for girls’ holidays. Warmer climates make for an excellent first time girl squad yacht holiday as it’ll give you the opportunity to learn new skills while enjoying the beautiful weather.

The location you choose for your yacht holiday will also have an influence on the price you pay. A more luxurious location will naturally be more expensive, especially if there is a large group of people requiring a larger yacht.

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Determine your price range

In the aforementioned point about choosing your location, your price range will have a big influence on your decisions.

When there’s a large group of you, then the costs may be brought down somewhat if you’re able to get a group discount but you’re going to have to take into consideration a lot of factors.

From booking fees, to food and equipment, as well as hiring the yacht itself. There’s a lot to consider when booking a yacht holiday. Before you book your trip, it’s a good idea to get together and discuss the financial aspect of your trip.

Each girl will probably have a different figure in mind of what they want to pay so you need to come to a conclusion about your price range as a whole group.

Make sure you take into account unexpected fees that might crop up too so that you don’t face any situations during your trip whereby you might not be able to cover the costs.

The destination, boat type and the activities you plan to do while on the yacht will all have an impact on the budget you set out before your trip.

Ensure you have the correct insurance

Travel insurance is an imperative document to have regardless of where you’re travelling to in the world. Therefore, every person on your girl squad yacht holiday should all have their own travel insurance policies.

Most people don’t realise the full extent of the importance of travel insurance until it’s too late so it’s much better to be prepared well in advance of your trip.

Worst case scenarios can happen during any holiday, from medical emergencies to unforeseen cancellations. The financial implications you can face are incredibly inconvenient, so you should always ensure that everyone is well-equipped with the necessary travel documents and insurance.

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Account for unexpected occurrences

Things like weather, travel disruptions and people pulling out of the holiday can all lead to situations that you would prefer to avoid. However, when travelling as a large group of people, that’s much easier said than done.

Weather predicaments can cause unexpected occurrences on your girl squad yacht holiday. Storms for example, may cause you to change your original route so that you avoid disaster.

It’s important to plan an itinerary for your trip so that everyone understands what is planned for the holiday. However, it’s also imperative to leave room for variations that can occur unexpectedly.

Planning a girl squad yacht holiday requires a lot of consideration and a great deal of attention to ensure the trip runs smoothly. There are many things to discuss prior to the trip including insurance details, a thorough itinerary as well as intended budgets.

Make sure everyone on the trip is involved in the whole process; from initial planning stages all the way to boarding the yacht and setting off on your yacht holiday!

Do your research

In order to ensure you get everything correct for your girls’ yacht holiday, a lot of research needs to be carried out. From deciding where you want to go, to how long for and whether or not you’ll need a guide with you.

You may also want to take some yachting lessons before your trip so that you’re more accustomed once you’re onboard. This will also require quite a bit of research to ensure you learn everything properly.

A girl squad holiday will involve a number of people all with different personalities, so you need to ensure that the holiday caters to everyone. Things like activities, dietary requirements as well as a number of other things will all need researching properly.

You will also need to determine whether or not you’ll need a skipper for your yacht. If a member of your girl squad has sufficient experience in chartering a yacht, then you may decide you don’t need a skipper.

However, if you’d all prefer to enjoy a much more relaxed holiday where someone else is in charge, then hiring a skipper may be a good idea. Furthermore, a local skipper will also have more knowledge of the local area, so they can double up as a tour guide too.

When planning your girls’ yacht holiday, you’ll also need to discuss what everyone wants to get out of the holiday. For example, some girls may want to spend their time anchoring up and exploring local towns and visiting ancient sights. Whereas, others may prefer to spend the whole day sailing or anchored in one place to enjoy swimming in the sea or partying on the beach.

You should outline everyone’s expectations of the trip, so you can take everything into account when booking your holiday.

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