Essential Things to Remember for Your First Skiing Trip

by Julia on August 14, 2018

Skiing is one of the most popular vacation activities in the world. Not only are there many different countries you can visit, but the scenery can differ hugely. For a family vacation, skiing can be fun, and you can get good enough to ski quite quickly. If you have decided to go skiing with your family for the first time, then here are a few important tips you should remember. They will help you to get the best out of your vacation and make the experience a little bit easier.

Choose Your Location

Many countries offer skiing vacations, some that you might not immediately think are obvious choices. However, when you are choosing where to go, you need to see what they offer. Some locations are great for the more experienced skier, but not so good for those learning to ski. Resorts typically color code their runs based on difficulty, with black being the hardest. You should check that the location you are choosing isn’t predominantly black runs so that you can all have fun and explore on the easier slopes.

Consider Your Package

Many ski resorts will offer packages for their vacations, with lift passes and other extras available when you book. When you are choosing, consider your level of experience of you and your family. If you are all beginners, then you probably won’t need a lift pass for more than one valley. You can also get family passes that offer greater value for money especially if you plan to ski together.


Ski resorts often have many hotels in the area, but choosing the right accommodation is important. If you choose a hotel too far from the slopes, then it will mean a long walk or perhaps a bus into the village. There is some accommodation that offers a ‘ski-in’ facility like Horstman House Whistler in Canada. It means you can ski directly into the hotel’s grounds and leave your equipment there. It makes it a lot easier, especially after a long day on the slopes.

Book Lessons

No matter what your ability, getting skiing lessons is a good idea. For those who have never been skiing before, it is essential, because they will teach you valuable safety lessons that will help you on the slopes. You will find that you can pick up the basics quite quickly, and then you will have the rest of the afternoon to test them out.

Get the Right Insurance

Skiing can be dangerous, and accidents do happen, so you need to have the right cover before you go. Apart from the standard cover that all insurance companies offer, you might also need a winter sports cover that will cover you for skiing and snowboarding as well.

Having fun is the main part of any holiday, and it’s even more important on skiing trips. You shouldn’t expect to become a master straight away, the more you enjoy yourself, the easier it will be.

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