5 Exciting Things To Do In Broome, Australia

by Julia on July 23, 2018

Western Australia has long been known for having some of the most pristine and rugged natural areas on Earth. Surrounded by the seashore of the Indian ocean and nestled into the hills that border the wild outback, the Kimberley region is where you will find the idyllic small town of Broome.

Broome is an exceptional option for a family holiday. It has a unique and blended history with origins as far flung as the Orient, Europe and of course the local Aboriginal flavour. Long known as the pearling capital of Australia, this picturesque town is full of activity and natural sight-seeing opportunities to tempt all who are looking for a holiday in Broome.

Broome Bird Observatory

Boasting the largest seabird conservatory in the world, Broome should be on every bird lover’s list of places to visit. With a variety of sea and land birds, the area hosts nearly 150,000 birds annually that are both native and migratory. Dozens of species of sea birds, cockatoos, parrots and galahs can be seen in their natural habitats. Take a guided tour with some of the knowledgeable and dedicated volunteer staff at the Broome Bird Observatory, or spend the day exploring the sights in the migratory nesting fields.

Broome Historical Museum

If there is anything that you want to know about this pristine area, you can find all the details at the Broome Historical Museum. Nestled in the heart of town, this building, founded in 1910, has a history all its own. Stroll through the many rooms that feature the fascinating pearling history of the area, the not-so-known WWII action, and the diamond heist that happened over half a century ago. There’s great entertainment for the whole family to enjoy with photos, relics and video documentary footage.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Your visit to Broome wouldn’t be complete without a close-up view of the real world of the pearling industry. The people in this area have been dependent on pearling as their main source of commerce for decades. Take a tour of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm facility, learn about the different types of oysters and pearling methods, and enjoy the stunning showcase displays. Take a cruise out the the pearl fields and be shown how the process is done up close while enjoying the beautiful scenery and marine wildlife.

Horizontal Falls

That’s right, horizontal waterfalls. The effect is created in the McLarty Range of mountains that come together through the joining of two narrow river gorges. The impact of so much water being forced into a small space creates a whitewater effect similar to a waterfall. This is an amazing natural phenomenon that can’t be observed anywhere else. Take the whole day to enjoy a panoramic view of the horizontal falls from your plane on your short flight to the falls. Then enjoy a simple and elegant lunch aboard a houseboat while you wait for your turn on the jet boats that take you right into the heart of the falls.

Cable Beach Camel Rides

Because of the climate and terrain in this area of Australia, camels have been used for over a century as a reliable and sturdy form of transport. While keeping this unique part of their history alive in Broome, you can take a once in a lifetime ride along Cable Beach at sunset in a procession of camels. The western sunsets are stunning and the camel experience is an invigorating and enjoyable way to make some memories.

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