Take Preventative Measures to Prepare for Anything While Traveling Abroad

by Julia on July 13, 2018

International travel can open your eyes up to new experiences, cultures, and people. It’s a great way to relax, unwind, and learn more about the world around you. As awesome as it can be to get away, planning for the unexpected is a must. Dealing with an emergency or issue any time you’re out of town can be stressful, but when you’re not even in your native country, handling problems suddenly multiply. No matter what destination you’ve chosen, it’s important to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Here are the most common problems and solutions to handling the matter.

Lost Luggage

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway across the world to be told that your luggage is lost. Chances are whatever you packed in those bags, you need and now you have to figure out how to navigate without it.

Packing light, even when traveling internationally is recommended. If all you have is a carry-on, you’ll know exactly where your things are and not have to be frustrated at the airport. If you need to take more than one bag, be sure that you keep the important things in your carry-on should your luggage get lost on the way.

Getting Stuck

Imagine landing in a foreign country, asked for identification, and you can’t find it. Losing things like your driver’s license, passport, and travel visa are one of the worst things that can happen on a trip overseas. Some countries will detain you until they verify your identity while others won’t let you pass through. Though the US embassy could get you a passport, this could take several days or weeks.

Unless the idea of being stuck in a foreign country doesn’t phase you, it is important that you not only have your license, passport, and visa, but that you have copies of them as well. Then, if you lose your original documentation you still have some proof of who you are and your ability to travel internationally.

Stolen Valuables

As a tourist, you’re already a target for suspicious locals. If you’re not careful, you could end up getting robbed.

To reduce the chances of getting robbed keep all the flashy stuff at home. Don’t wear anything to over the top either. Be sure not to wander off where you don’t belong and stick to crowded places. You should also have a backup plan like having someone back home who can transfer money to you instantly if your wallet was stolen or goes missing.

Illness and Injuries

You’re traveling to a new environment which exposes you to various bacteria, germs, diseases, and illnesses that your immune system isn’t used to. Not to mention accidents happen all the time and you could get hurt for any reason.

You should visit your doctor before traveling internationally for a full check-up, updated vaccines, and a refill of necessary medications. You should also have your insurance card with you and have an idea of whether you’re covered and where you’d need to go to get treatment.

Getting Lost

New places are so intriguing, it can entice you to want to take a stroll and explore all its hidden treasures. That being said, some things are best left hidden. Wandering off in a strange land could be dangerous and even life-threatening depending on the relationship between the country and the US.

It’s best to stay in heavily populated areas where other tourists are. If you get lost having a GPS app on your smartphone can help guide you back. Be mindful of who you ask for directions and try to locate individuals with uniforms on for your protection. Also, steer clear of wandering around after you’ve had a few drinks, this could impair your judgment and have you walking all over the place.

You’re probably anxious to jet set to another country and just explore. Before you leave, however, it is important that you’ve taken every precaution to ensure your safety. Although the hope is that you can just slow down, relax, and enjoy yourself, one can never be too sure of what can go wrong. When you’re hundreds of thousands of miles away, being resourceful and proactive are the only ways to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

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