How to select a travel agency

by Julia on June 25, 2018

When choosing an agency there are many factors in which you can set, to make a comfortable and safe trip. We invite you to meet them. Americans officially welcome the summer and begin preparations for the expected vacations. The first option for the majority and especially for those entrepreneurs who worked arduously throughout the year is a trip. Either near or far, we will need to deal with a good travel company. Of course we can deal with almost everyone by using the Internet. These days, we can buy almost anything online, even students when short on time can get a quality essay if they contact coolessay and get a top essay done in a few hours. But no matter offline or online, we can make some mistakes, especially when deciding to use a travel agency’s service. But don’t worry! If you follow these tips, you will have more chances of not making a mistake.

The traditional

Many people, especially the elderly, choose traditional travel agencies for security reasons, because, although the final price is higher, if there is any kind of problem there is always a physical place to claim. Physical establishments are obliged to comply with the current legislation on tourism, while in the case of virtual agencies it is necessary to observe in detail the general conditions of the website, verifying that it accepts each and every one of the obligations or prohibitions. In addition, like physical establishments, online agencies must have a guarantee fund, something that most do not have.

Online agencies

If you do not have time to attend in person to verify the quality of the company, you can opt for online agencies. Although it has several things in favor, it will be necessary to take some precautionary measures. The virtual agencies allow a high degree of customization in the trip, both at the destination and in the means of transport, hotels or activities that can be contracted separately. The fact of being able to compare prices from our computer is one of the most valued conditions in virtual agencies. Opt for a site that, at least, has a seat to claim in case of any inconvenience or not comply with part of the offer.

Both online and offline Agencies

There is an option that unites the best of the physical and virtual agencies. These are the traditional agencies that have developed their own virtual branch, setting up websites to guide and strengthen their position in current markets.

Avoiding a package

The most advisable thing is always to choose independently the lodging, the means of transport, the activities to be carried out in destination and any other option that you want, avoiding purchasing a travel package. In these closed packages sometimes more than what is desirable is paid for in factors such as transportation or hotels, and you can save by choosing those concepts separately.

In any case, a good agency should have the contacts available to help you get the best price and quality.


Ask for references from the agency, both to customers and suppliers. The first are people like you who have used the services of the agency to go on vacation before. Providers, people with whom the agency works to buy items such as hotel rooms and tickets will generally have a broader view of how the agency operates.

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