4 Places You Wont Regret Road Tripping to in Your Early 20s

by Julia on June 25, 2018

North America has tons of adventure spots that every outdoor enthusiast needs to check off their bucket list. Here are four must-travel road trips to get you started. The length of the drive you take to get there is totally up to you. Oh, and outfit your wheels with steel rims for incredible vacation photos that you can brag about on Instagram.

1. Big Sur, California

This one is all about California’s lush Pacific coastline. Big Sur’s white sand beaches and breathtaking cliffs blow away all of your senses. Swimming in the Pacific ocean is incredible, but some of the best memories come from just cruising along Highway 1 with your best friends. San Francisco is an ideal starting point since heading north to south keeps you on the side of the road with the best views.

2. Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, is the holy grail of off-road fans. Part of the allure comes from iconic deep-red rock formations. The rest of the excitement comes from a wide range of crazy trails stretching in all directions. Huge boulders put your 4-wheel skills to the test but pay off bigtime.

Tackle the terrain with sufficient clearance and good off road truck shocks. Exactly what you need depends on how far from civilization you plan on going.

3. Whipsaw Trail

This trip to British Columbia, Canada, checks your dreams of international travel off your bucket list. It also offers endless evergreen forests – it’s still a logging road – and plenty of mud to get your Jeep dirty with. Winch accessories help if there’s heavy rainfall.

4. Glacier National Park

You’ll definitely want to take your digital camera for this unforgettable road trip. Crystal-clear lakes, towering mountains, pristine waterfalls and winding roads with plummeting drop-offs are a few highlights.

Just Do It

Plan ahead, but not too much. Just go. A road trip in your early 20s is something you’ll never regret or forget. If you’re planning on seeing sights that few travelers do, visit an online parts provider to outfit your vehicle and maybe bring along a spare axle assembly for good measure.

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