7 Ideal Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

by Julia on June 5, 2018

Hitting the job from 9 to 5 on a daily basis can be downright boring if not draining, especially if you are a person with constant wanderlust. While you might get a week or two off at some point, it won’t be enough for you to get to many places you would love to explore. So why not take on a career path that will allow you to travel as frequent as possible and get paid while at it? You just don’t have to wait till you retire or are too old to start exploring the world!

Here are 7 jobs that can allow you to travel, work and earn in a more flexible manner:

1. Travel Nurse

Travel nurse is undeniably one of the best travel jobs in the world that you can take on today. If you are a registered nurse with RN License, you can be eligible to work in any country or state for any amount of time, even if it’s a week or two. As a travel nurse, you might be required to move from one healthcare facility to another or simply be requested to fill in positions in different hospitals on a temporary basis. Travel nurses spend an average time of 14 weeks in a year travelling and get paid at least $30 per hour.

2. Cruise Ship Worker

Travelling on a cruise ship allows holiday makers to get into the mood of adventure and explore the endless possibilities the sea has to offer. And one of the most important persons that literally keep the cruise ship going is the crew and other workers onboard. There are many jobs available aboard cruise ships that pay well and are fun too. You can work in the entertainment section as a musician, dancer, broadcast or sound technician.

If you are interested in service jobs, you can apply for such jobs as cook, bartender or server. There are a host of other cruise ship jobs including electrician, maintenance staff, nurses and childcare employee, which you can find worth doing. The good thing about these jobs is that you can get off the ship and explore the port cities just like the passengers on board. Accommodations and food are also provided free of charge, so you absolutely have nothing to lose.

3. Forex Trader

The good thing about being a forex trader is that you don’t have to be confined to your desk. With a strong Wi-Fi and/or reliable internet access, you can actually monitor the currency prices and make trades from the comfort of your bed, car or plane. That makes forex trading one of the best travel-friendly jobs.

Most French traders prefer travelling to Colorado and enjoy the natural beauty of this State even as they do their forex trading. Much as they are professional forex traders, they don’t necessarily have to be in an enclosed office. They can actually work for normal hours but with greater flexibility i.e. while travelling around, relaxing in a hotel or even hiking.

If you are interested in finding out what are the top forex trading strategies, you could read this article here.

4. Flight Attendant

It goes without saying that flight attendants enjoy FREE air travel to many countries across the world. And 100 percent of the job is all about travelling. You can be in Singapore or Amsterdam tonight and

Johannesburg in the morning or in Paris today and Los Angeles tomorrow and many other places. So if you would wish to feed your wanderlust to the fullest, why not pursue the job of a flight attendant? All you need is an FAA certificate to show you trained and qualified as well as some prior customer service experience.

5. Yoga Instructor

If you are a passionate yogi, you could lead a group of people in the gym or beach to perform karma, bhakti or Raja yoga wherever you travel to. A certification of 200 or 500 hours of training is all you require to get hired as a yoga instructor. So whether you are travelling to Hawaii, Bahamas, Greece or Italy, you can also be sure of landing a well-paying gig if you’ve got the right certification and experience with you. On average, you can make about $24 per hour as a yoga instructor.

6. Travel Writer

If you have a knack for writing about travel destinations (both popular and soon-to-be-discovered), then travelling might as well be part and parcel of your life. For you to give honest reviews and tips about holiday attractions, restaurants and/or yachting companies, you must first go and experience it firsthand. And while your craft your tips and share your experiences on your blog, you get to help others make better holiday decisions as you make money from your blogging. If your travel blog is well-known, you might even get VIP treatment at hotels and resorts as well as freebies from airlines and/or tour operators.

7. International Tour Guide

A tour guide’s job is to lead groups of people around tourist attraction sites and explaining some history and facts about those places. The attraction might be a landmark in a town/city or even a natural attraction or some village remains in an upcountry setting. Wherever it is you choose to go, tour operators will always be in need of passionate, friendly and knowledgeable guides to help take tourists through cultural excursions, city sites and natural sceneries. And if you make the cut, then that’s a chance to make money as you enjoy a good time guiding people around the most amazing places on earth.


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