How to rent the villa on vacation without spending huge amount of money

by Julia on June 4, 2018

Going on vacation means enjoying yourself to the fullest but we’d argue that you don’t have to empty your wallet just to do so. For example, you might shave off a few bucks by choosing the place to rent wisely. Sure, it won’t look like Toucan Hill but few houses do. Here are some tips on how to live in luxury without overpaying.

Bare Necessities

Strictly speaking, a villa is made luxurious not by how many ACs it has or how big the TV is, the style actually comes out via the architecture and the amount of rooms and the location. So why pay hundreds more if you can simply read a portable air conditioner review and bring the cool with you? And let’s be honest, if you’re staying at a gorgeous resort, you’re not going to need a big-screen television to stay entertained and the kids will do just fine with some YouTube on their phones. Don’t shell out cash for things that you simply won’t need to enjoy the vacation.

A Cold Welcome

The word “off-season” sounds a bit unappealing if you take it at face value but it hides a poorly kept secret. You see, many of the best tourist traps, tropical islands, and ski resorts will stay amazing even when the wind changes and all the crowds are gone, taking outrageously hiked prices with them. Whether you’re looking for a beach town vacation or thinking of hightailing it to the Carribean, there’s no shame in going when the season’s out. Sure, it may be a few degrees colder but let’s be honest, the burn of the tropical sun won’t change much and it’s still head and shoulders above being smushed in a crowd while paying exorbitant rates for a five-star stay.

Fee-Fo-Fum Your Money’s Gone

Before you go settling on that queen-size bed in your room, read the fine print and see if the resort or the villa owner are piling on additional fees that may leave your stay overpriced and, thus, unpleasant. If there are indeed hidden fees, which are pretty widespread in the most popular tourist destinations, we’d recommend avoiding the villa. Try to read up on the subject and learn to spot these fees in advance because the tourist industry loves dipping into wallets and the added value is often a legal yet uncouth way to do so.

Are We There Yet?

Look, we all want to sit seaside with a drink in our hand but is it really worth paying more just for the sake of being closer to the beach? You’ll likely have your car with you so the distance won’t matter that much and a villa deep in a forest is just as good as a villa with clubs and bars surrounding it. Sure, walking distance is cool but saving hundreds of dollars by choosing the location of your rental is pretty appealing as well, right? Placement is key and if you’re not afraid of walking a bit, a villa placed further back from the eye of the party storm won’t savage your wallet as much and still offer a luxurious stay.

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