4 Must-Haves For a Backpacking Trip in Europe

by Julia on April 25, 2018

Planning a trip to Europe can be extremely exciting.  You start to imagine all of the sights that you’ll see and all of the things that you’ll pack with you.  However, it’s important t pull yourself back a bit when it comes to packing for your trip. Even though it may be tempting to pack everything you need an then some, it’s crucial to only pack the essentials.

Overpacking for a backpacking trip results in potential baggage fees, stress on your back, and moving slower overall.

In order to have a great trip with the least amount of stress possible, try to stick to the basics which include your essentials.  Here are the must-haves that you should bring with you on your European adventure.

Good Shoes

It’s important to have a good pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet.  Since you’ll be a doing a ton of walking, you’ll need a pair of shoes on your feet that you can rely on.

Since you never know what kind of weather conditions you’ll be in, you want shoes that prevent you from slipping and falling, but also provide proper arch support in a variety of terrains.

Since shoes can be extremely heavy in your backpack, try to choose a pair which is lightweight and easily packed.

A Camera

What good is an adventure if you can’t take photos of everything that you did?  Make sure to snapshots as you go of all the sights and the people you meet by bringing a camera.

The nice thing about cameras these days as they can be extremely compact rather than requiring you to bring heavy lenses and charging packs.

Depending on what kind of smartphone you have, you may even opt to rely on just that.  You can carry it around in your pocket easily without any fuss while still being able to produce excellent quality photos.

A Quality Backpack

Investing in a quality backpack which will provide the maximum amount of support for your back is essential.  If you settle for a backpack which will hurt your shoulders and lower back, then you’re asking for a recipe for disaster.

Try to buy one which straps at the waist and has plenty of compartments for all of your belongings. This will make it easier to store and find things rather than stuffing them all in the same place on top of each other.

A Guidebook

Having a guidebook of all of the locations that you’re going to visit is a great way to map out what the best places are and where you’ll go.

In addition to providing expert advice on how to plan your trip, it also provides useful phrases in that language.

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