Make an Exciting Trip to Lisbon

by Julia on April 11, 2018

Have you been searching for a holiday destination?? Not getting the time to enjoy with family because of work pressure? Then you must go to Lisbon to get escape all your tensions. This beautiful place will make you fall in love with it. It is the largest city in Portugal covering an area of eighty-four square kilometers ranking as the eleventh most populated area in Europe. This city has got everything in it. This city excels at finance, entertainment, arts, education, sport, and tourism. Most of its economy comes from tourism. Even the history is ancient – all the funerary monuments in the city are built by pre-Celtic tribes who came during the Neolithic period. The climate of this place keeps on changing. Winters are mild whereas summer can go from warm to hot. If you want to read more about trip you can find more assay here

Introduction to Lisbon

This city is called a city of seas and explorers. It is called a city of seas because most of it is covered with sea and it’s located at the mouth of the Tagus River. It is called as the city of explorers because the world’s greatest explorers made this place as their home. These include Vasco Da Gama, Magellan, and Prince Henry. It is also named as the first true world city. The reason behind giving this name was the expansion of the empire over major continents. Visit Lisbon and check out the world’s great monuments, bridges, and seas. This is the only city in Europe with sunset at sea.

For what Lisbon is famous for?

  1. Lisbon attractions: The attraction of this place is in the monuments, colorful streets, and squares. For the people of Lisbon, Belem tower is like the Eiffel tower of Paris. Belem tower is very famous and popular Lisbon landmark.

  1. Lisbon museums: Museums in Lisbon consist of antique treasures, classic art by masters and some spectacular unbeatable collections.

  1. Lisbon shopping: Shopping streets are the craziest part of Lisbon as well as the tourists. There is a huge selection.

  1. Lisbon beaches: Lie down on the sand dunes and experience the world’s most famous waves in Lisbon. This is the most adventurous thing to do in Lisbon. For the better views of the ocean you can even can book a hotel at nearby beach locations.

  1. Coast tourism: The Lisbon coastline includes fairytale palaces such as Sintra and sandy beaches .  The above-mentioned things are prime things to do in Lisbon if you are coming for a short trip.

  1. Nightlife in Lisbon: This place is famous for its restaurants and best wining and dining in and around the world.  In Lisbon, life starts at night. Here, the sunset means the starting of a new day. It is all about bar hopping,eating delicious food, listening to great music (including traditional fado) and dancing the whole night away.

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