Travel goals for architecture fans

by Julia on April 9, 2018

Everyone has their own travel goals, but you can always spot an architect when they move around a particular place and make some notes no one else might understand.

Being an architecture aspirant, you might have some thoughts in your mind while traveling and you’ll find architectural inspiration if you are dedicated and willing to take the right notes at the right time.

Along with your travel plans, if you want to enhance your experience, as far as your career is concerned, here are some tips that should be on your mind.

1. Make a list of popular architectural works

If you have already decided to visit a particular place, you can make a note of popular architectural works that should be looking for while traveling the destination. Looking at the popular works will help you and analyzing what amount of creativity was used in the creation of the landmark.

However, if you have not yet decided on a place to visit, list down your favorite architectural works and make a plan accordingly. Remember that you can always benefit if you make a plan depending on the works You Want to admire personally. It is possible that you might end up paying a considerably higher price for this achievement, but you’ll end up saving time and efforts on analyzing the type of architectural works you have always wanted to look out for.

2. Understand architectural photography

If you have a camera and you are not using it to its best potential, you are missing out on an advantage you have. Look for architectural photography tutorials, and you’ll understand that grabbing a camera and clicking random pictures is not an art. It is difficult to impress yourself with some of the most random clicks you take while traveling. You’ll find guides to architectural photography online, and if you are planning to spend some time on it, you’ll end up satisfying yourself with the type of clicks you take while moving around shortlisted landmarks.

Getting the right clicks will not only keep you satisfied while using them for your work but also help in creating memories of the trip.

3. Sketching is better than taking notes of architectural details

Traditionally, we have been taught to take notes of important details of a particular line mark, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you have the skill to create a picture-perfect sketch of a Landmark, it will be possible for you to express yourself and make the most of the visualization even when you are not around the monument.

Many aspirants contest that if we take notes of important details, it should be enough because they can get pictures of the landmark online and so there is no need to waste time on sketching the details. This is not true because it is your skill and it will help you in more than one way while you are attempting to create something unique.

4. Choose the right institution to learn architecture

There are many institutions that can help you in understanding your love for architectural creations. However, if you are not guided by the right professors, it will be difficult for you to make the right notes or create an ideal sketch of a landmark.

Apart from this, you can even visit reputed architecture firms and get guidance from them to improve the art.

You’ll find professionals who have worked hard on creating something unique for the masses to feel special. For example, look at popular projects in Boulder, and you’ll realize that some professionals have gone out of their way to create something unique and present it in a new and enlightened way. Take inspiration from them, and it will be easy for you to make the right notes and sketches while traveling the world to improve your skills.

5. Observe and walk around the building

If you have an opportunity to take a walk around the building and analyze the structure from every angle, don’t miss this opportunity because you might never get an opportunity to look at a different angle ever again in the future. Looking at the building from every angle will give you an idea of what tricks and techniques have been adopted by the creator of the landmark to make the building unique and beautiful.

6. Share your experience with others

You might not realize, but it is a fact that there are many aspirants like you who depend on the experiences of others and create a world of their own. We are sure that you are equally inspired, and you want to do something special that can help you stand out from the masses. However, you should not think that it is your effort and sharing it with others will cut down on the uniqueness. This is not true because something you have felt while making the notes of sketching the building, are things that will be with you all your life and no one can live the experience till they make an effort to take the leap and visit the landmark on their own.

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