5 Ways City Break Lovers Can Stay Cool in Summer

by Julia on March 23, 2018


Cities by their very nature are heat traps; built using materials like concrete, glass and steel, urban infrastructure often accumulates the heat of the sun’s rays rather than deflect it. Furthermore, with more high-rise buildings than green spaces in most built-up areas, the air can be polluted and poorly ventilated. If you love the excitement of city breaks but not the stifling heat that comes along with the concrete jungle, read on for our top tips to avoid meltdown in the metropolis.

1. Consider the ‘Burbs

Of course, it can be fun to be right in the center of the action, but one way to combat uncomfortable soaring temperatures when you visit your favorite city is to check out the outer districts and boroughs that lie just beyond the center. As well as being greener and cleaner, these up/downtown regions can also save you paying center-of-town premium rates. For example, if you’re visiting Berlin, staying in an area such as Hennigsdorf to the North-West of the city offers quick and easy transport links to tourist attractions and sights, with the bonus of green spaces and picturesque rivers to chill out by on stifling summer days

2. Spray It

Luxury facial care brands have made a fortune over the years selling ‘mist in a can’ – a refreshing mist of water that gives a cooling effect on hot days. Needless to say, you can make your own version of these pricey mists for a fraction of the price, simply by filling a travel-size spray bottle with water and popping it in your purse. To up your game even further, give your DIY facial mist a little more pep by adding your favorite essential oils.

3. Take a Dip

Visiting a city with no beach nearby? No problem! Head to the nearest spa or outdoor swimming pool for a quick dip (and a cocktail) to help you cool off during the midday heat, and feel completely refreshed when you step back out on streets just in time for a spot of shopping or sightseeing.

4. Avoid Getting Flustered

This one’s a no brainer! You can keep your cool by making sure you keep your valuables safe and secure on your person while traveling (particularly on public transport and in bars/cafes) to avoid a stressful petty theft situation… Consider a fanny pack under your clothing for passports and money and be sure to sure to stay safe while using public Wi-Fi networks abroad… pickpocketing isn’t the only way thieves can get a hold of your money these days.

5. Frozen Water To Go

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in an Airbnb, or if your hotel is happy to accommodate, freeze your bottled water and pack it with you when you set out for the day. By early afternoon, as temperatures begin to rise, the ice will have melted just enough to offer a decent amount of chilled water that stays cold for longer. Best of all, you simply recycle the bottle when you’re done- much less hassle than carrying a thermal flask!

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