5 Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors to Sri Lanka

by Julia on March 16, 2018

For the past few years, Sri Lanka has been a hot tourism destination for people from all over the world. Thanks to its stunning beaches, lush forests, vibrant culture, and an alluring charm, the island nation has rightly won over the hearts of many a prospective traveller. But, as is incumbent upon every traveller, it is important to prepare for the upcoming travel so that the journey is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

While the prospect of wandering around aimlessly is salivating, knowing where to stay, how to travel and how to interact with the locals always helps in the long run. If you’re a first time visitor to the mesmerising country of Sri Lanka, these five tips will be well worth keeping in mind:

  1. Stay with Yoho Bed

Finding a decent budget accommodation in Sri Lanka can be a tricky prospect because the tourism industry is still not fully developed yet, especially at places which have had to rebuild after the devastating Tsunami. This is why you can count upon excellent accommodation aggregators such as Yoho Bed to provide you with premium budget hotels, homestays, villas, and apartments all over the country. Whether you are looking for hotels in Wellawatte or Anuradhapura, you’ll easily find a huge range of Yoho Bed accommodations.

Add to that the ease of booking, zero cancellation fee, clean rooms, free WiFi, and air-conditioning at every property, and you get to stay and experience the beauty of Sri Lanka without any troubles!

  1. Know the best time to visit

Temperatures in Sri Lanka can become unbearably hot, especially during the peak summer months March, April, and May. Average temperatures rarely go below 30 degree Celsius, so it is advisable to carry light, cotton clothes. The central highlands and hills, though, can experience a chill, with temperatures dropping to 15 degree Celsius at times.

Another hugely important factor is monsoon. From May to September, west and south-west experience heavy rainfall, while the same is true for the north and north-eastern coast from October to February. Conclusively, the best time to visit the country lies between December to April.

  1. Always experience the markets with a local

The colourful and constantly brimming markets of Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo, can be an overwhelming experience for a first-timer. Being a foreigner can make a first timer an easy target for the shop owners who might over-charge for the littlest of items. This is where a local comes handy, and will help you drive a great bargain or navigate through the hustle-bustle.

  1. Learn a few phrases of Sinhalese

It goes without saying that knowing a few helpful phrases of the local language, such as greetings and words like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ will help you interact better. Whether it is getting your meal fixed at a restaurant, greeting the hotel staff, asking around stuff, or travelling in public transport, the local tongue always comes handy.

  1. Carry as much local currency as possible

As mentioned before, Sri Lanka is still developing as a tourism industry, and it won’t be a surprise to find no ATMs at many cities and tourist spots in the country. Also, local shops might not accept card payment at all. This is where cash will help.

Keep these tips in mind, and also don’t forget to book your stay in advance. Accommodations at popular areas such as Colombo fort hotels always have a rush in the tourist season. So, it is prudent to book your Yoho Bed stay before even landing in the country.

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