How to be a good traveller

by Julia on March 6, 2018

There are usually two types of people visiting a destination, the tourists and the travellers. The tourists will most likely want to take in as much of their break as possible, with quick hits of culture at popular tourist attractions and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Travellers however, have the luxury of exploring what a city really has to offer and often sees the real side to a destination that’s beneath the glitz and glamour of a regular tourist’s visit. In theory, they just have more of a realistic experience.

If a more genuine travelling experience is what you’re looking for, then read on. As here you’ll find a few hints and tips of how to make the most of your travelling adventure. But before you do, have you considered taking out travelling insurance? Most consider it just as important as their flights and their passport. If you’re worried about pre-existing conditions and medical underwriting then don’t panic, do a bit of research and find a provider that is right for you!

Don’t act like you live there

It sounds silly, but when we travel we like to appear as if we’re not lost and as if we’re “in the know” the truth is, most of us stick out like a sore thumb regardless! Give up on the menus at the restaurant, ask your server what they would recommend, or what the couple on the next table are having. Don’t tell the taxi driver where you want to go, ask them where the best landmarks are and get them to take the scenic route. As long as you’re sensible, you can get really lost in a new city – without getting literally, lost.

Tap into those in know

Sometimes we find the best experiences purely by recommendation. So, ask your friends or friends of friends who might be able to give you some ideas about how to spend your time. Or even ask the locals about what they like to do – you may make a new friend in the process!

Be light-hearted

Let’s face it, sometimes we have to be a little self-deprecating in order to get on in life. The same goes with travelling, if you’ve ever travelled outside your hometown, chances are that someone has commented on your accent or the place that you come from. See the lighter side of this and don’t take it too personally – just have a little fun.

Don’t cheer for the other team

If you’re in a packed bar – avoid cheering when the town you’re visiting loses…most locals won’t take kindly to that! Be gracious and be smart!

Don’t get bogged down with technology

It might sound a little “old-school” but instead of sending an email – send a postcard! After all, you can’t pin a postcard to the fridge, can you? Always try to bring a little bit of magic and wonder to your travels and then it’ll be there waiting for you when you get back home.

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