Top 3 Countries to Consider for Immigration

by Julia on February 19, 2018

The political and economic structure of the world has been changing rapidly. Big political and economic powers such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, that received a high number of immigrants every year from all across the globe, have bow taken a hard line against immigration and have imposed stricter border controls.

On the other hand the economic slumps and political instabilities in many countries is making them consider migration to other countries where they can get better opportunities. Although the conventional immigrant magnets such as UK and USA have grown conservative in this regard, many other countries who are much smaller in geographical area but are rapidly growing in terms of economy have emerged in support of immigration and open borders.

Most of these countries have low local population to fulfill the workforce demands of a growing economy, therefore they encourage immigrants from other countries and offer them better employment opportunities. There are many countries that have immigrant friendly policies however, the standard of living, quality of life and infrastructure varies from country to country.  Here are top 3 countries that you should consider for relocation based on various factors other than their immigration policies.

1.      Singapore

Unlike most countries sought by immigrants, Singapore is a small country situated in Asia. It is one of the smallest countries yet one of the strongest economies of the world. Over the years, Singapore has grown by leaps and bounds in to a modern cosmopolitan that is now a major financial and economic hub of the continent.

Singapore has a tropical climate with natural landscapes surrounding the settlements which makes it very pleasant to reside there. It offers excellent educational and medical facilities that are unmatched by any other country. It is one of the most foreigner friendly country when it comes to employment.

That being said, their employment standards regarding qualification and experience are very high, which makes acquiring work permit a tad bit difficult. It is recommended that you acquire a good immigration consultant such as Immigration Solutions Singapore to determine the type of visa and your chances of employment in Singapore.

2.      Canada

Ever since Justin Trudeau had been elected as the Prime Minister of Canada, the country has grown more immigrant friendly with more lenient immigration policies. It has not only opened its borders for refugees and immigrants from other countries without ethnic discrimination, but has also been very vocal about the need of open borders globally.

Canada is a country with a large geographical area in proportion of their population. Many Canadian provinces are undergoing economic growth and require skilled workforce and start ups which makes it a great destination for people who are seeking better employment or business opportunities. Unlike other countries, Canada offers much more social welfare such as free education and affordable healthcare to its immigrants. Canadian government has set up user friendly immigration portals that lets you apply online and the process is smooth and simple.

3.      Switzerland

Contrary to popular opinion, Switzerland has emerged as a very immigrant friendly country in the recent history. It has a very strong economy, high GDP and a very low unemployment rate with a small local population, which makes it very attractive for foreign immigrants that are seeking promising career opportunities. Switzerland is a modern country with exceptional infrastructure and living standards that makes your life pleasant and comfortable.

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