Enjoy London’s Sights from a Different Perspective

by Julia on February 6, 2018

Do you feel like you’ve explored most of London’s iconic landmarks and seen the same overcrowded markets and museums? Whether you already live in the capital or are a frequent visitor by having a second home there, you’ll be surprised how much more there’s still to see, even if you’re visiting London on a tight budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a history buff, a nature lover or just want to immerse yourself in some quirky attractions, check out the list below for new ideas to explore a different side in and around London.

The Monument for city views

In contrast to the London Eye with its long queues, visit the The Monument right in the heart of the city’s financial hub. Climb up the 311 step staircase built inside a Doric column to get a fantastic view of the London skyline. The building was built in 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1665 and is located just 10 meters away from where the fire started. You can even receive a certificate as proof you’ve managed to climb all those steps!

Croydon for shopping

Forget about battling through the shoppers in Oxford Street and head down to Croydon instead where a modern transformation of the town has elevated it in recent years making it a popular choice for people to move there. Visit the vibrant Surrey Street Market, allegedly Britain’s oldest market, serving customers since 1276. In addition to homemade and fresh food there’s lots of independent traders selling arts and crafts, and if you get tired, head to one of the oldest pubs in the area for a locally crafted beer.

Hoxton Hall for entertainment

Recently restored, Hoxton Hall is firmly entrenched in the East End history of music halls that first opened in 1863. Fast forward to the present day and it continues to host a range of music, dance and plays from local and worldwide companies which include experimental, cabaret and family orientated performances. Sitting in the Victorian cast iron balconies, your tickets will be a fraction of the price than a West End theatre.

There are so many unsung attractions, shops, bar and restaurants in London and the edge-cities that surround it, there’s no time no be bored while you’re staying over. These are the very places that deserve recognition in an ever-evolving landscape of the capital so now’s the time to get out there exploring.

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