5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Turkey

by Julia on January 18, 2018

Beautiful beaches, the friendliest people and delicious food – what more could you want in a country? Well, if you travel to Turkey, you will get all of that plus more! Complete with some of the world’s most beautiful architecture that reached its absolute peak during the Ottoman period and incredible sights across land and sea for as far as the eye can stretch, we strongly suggest that you visit Turkey on your next trip. Here are five reasons why.

  1. 1.       Certified Healthcare

A significant amount of people travel to Turkey in order to attain certified hair implants for almost half the cost of the same treatments you can find in the rest of Europe. Plus, when you visit Turkey for this reason, you are able to receive an aftercare service that is difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of in other parts of the world, which is paramount during the first few days post surgery to ensure everything has gone to plan.

  1. 2.       Good Value For Money

Due to the fact that Turkey is part of Europe, several people believe that travelling to Turkey is going to be expensive – but it’s not! Whilst Turkey is not completely backpacker friendly, you are able to travel for less in Turkey compared to other European countries. What we can say however, is that the quality of transportation and accommodation is most definitely worth the extra money. Regardless of where you decide to stay, you won’t be stung by the cost of food either, as you can eat out inexpensively, or cook your own meals to save even more!

  1. 3.       The Hammams

If Turkey isn’t already on your travel bucket list, we certainly suggest that you add it into the mix somewhere along the line! Whilst it might not be at the top of your travel bucket list, you certainly don’t want to miss out visiting the traditional, ancient Turkish bath houses, otherwise known as The Hammams. Here, you can choose from a range of baths, including private baths where you can scrub yourself down. Alternatively, why not pay more and have someone else do it for you? The amount of dirt and dead skin that is scrubbed off your body during the relaxing process is truly unbelievable. Rest assured you will leave The Hammams with silky smooth skin!

  1. 4.       The People

Admittedly, we always say that people from whatever country are some of the nicest in the world, but hear us out when we say that Turkey is home to some of the most accommodating people – ever! Just know that, when you visit Turkey, you will have no problem mingling with the locals, as well as like-minded travellers. Moreover, Turks really will go above and beyond to help you out, and will even invite you to their home for tea!

  1. 5.       Off The Beaten Track

In some countries, it’s not always easy to get off the beaten path, but in Turkey it certainly is. Whilst Turkey has its main tourist attractions, such as Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque, outside of them you can discover your own piece of the city and venture to a random town that few tourists dare to do. Eastern Turkey, for example, is essentially tourist free and boasts the most picturesque landscapes, including some of the best people and goods! If you decide to head into eastern Turkey, we strongly suggest seeking advice from the locals. Ultimately, they are the best people to ask when you want to find the best places to go!

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