Why You Should Consider Chartering a Private Jet for Your Next Flight

by Julia on January 4, 2018

Flying on a private jet is perhaps the ultimate symbol of wealth and luxury. We associate private jets with the very top-tier of mega-rich celebrities and even world leaders. Consequently, most of us would never consider even pursuing a flight on a private jet. However, they are not nearly as inaccessible as we have been led to believe.

While it is certainly true that flying in a private plane is going to be more expensive than your usual commercial airline ticket, the prices these days are not nearly as prohibitive as they once were, and you definitely don’t need to go as far as owning your own private jet in order to experience flying on one.

We all deserve a little luxury in our lives and the private jet experience is just one of the ways that the modern world allows us to add a little slice of the high life into our own lives. Here we take a look at everything you need to know about flying on private jets, and why it is something that any frequent flyer should give serious consideration to.


There are a variety of ways that you can go about obtaining the private jet experience, and if you know where to look, there are even certain flights which can be flown privately for less than they would cost on a commercial airline. There are now businesses who are dedicated to making this a reality for as many people as possible. As a result, there is now a healthy market and, more significantly, competition among the providers of this service.

If you are flying as part of a large group, then you can split the cost per person and bring the price down dramatically. If you are flying solo, then it is going to be unavoidably expensive, but then again, you’re getting an entire jet to yourself!

One of the main reasons that most of us have never even considered looking at taking a flight on a private jet is because we assume that the costs must be astronomical. However, there are ways of greatly reducing those costs.

In addition to splitting the fare amongst yourself and some other passengers, you can also enroll in a Jet Card Program, such as the one offered by Paramount Business Jets, which allows members to save from 20-50% off of their current rates. These programs are best suited to those who frequently fly on private jets. If you are taken by the private jet experience, then they are worth looking into. With a Jet Card Membership, you can save anywhere from 20%-50% off your fares on certain flights.


When we think of flying on a commercial airline, there are only a few limited facilities that we expect to find. More flights these days are able to offer their passengers Wi-Fi, which definitely makes those long-haul flights more tolerable. In-flight booze, films, and food are included, but they rarely add to the experience other than distract passengers from the tedium of being stuck in an airplane.

Private jets, on the other hand, offer passengers a real VIP experience. The onboard catering is worthy of a professional chef and provides restaurant quality food. Similarly, many private jets feature fully stocked and fully featured bars, and of course, a bartender to tend them. Many private jet providers allow you to decide on the catering options beforehand, and because the onboard kitchen facilities are top-notch, there are a few dishes which cannot be prepared at 39,000 feet. Enrolling in a jet card membership program is the best way to experience this level of luxury travel for the best price possible.

Even when compared to first-class travel on leading commercial airlines, the facilities on offer and the level of comfort that they add to any private flight simply cannot be matched. For those who absolutely insist on the best possible travel experience, there is no substitute for a private plane.

Empty Legs

A private jet card is an excellent way of keeping the costs of a private plane flight down, but there is another little trick worth knowing about which can offer similar savings to a private jet card program. It is known as ‘empty legs’ or ‘empty sectors’. These terms refer to the leg of a journey where the plane is empty, usually because it has been created for a one-way flight and must now make its return flight without any passengers on board.

If you can book an empty leg flight, then you will often find that the cost of the booking is significantly reduced. As far as the airline is concerned, this is a flight that they would have to do anyway; with you on board, they can at least recoup some of the costs of the flight. Empty legs flights can be as much as 75% cheaper than they normally would be.

What Situations are Private Jets Best for?

Of course, taking every single flight on a private jet is probably overkill for most of us, and that really is something best left to the high-flyers. Instead, it is better to take advantage of private jets for the certain situations in which travelling on one can really be enjoyed and appreciated, as this will prevent the experience from becoming routine and losing its appeal.

If you need to make an emergency flight or have missed a standard scheduled flight, then a private jet can allow you to fly when you otherwise would be unable to. If you have to fly for business, especially if you are being accompanied by a potential client that you want to impress, then the private jet service will create quite an impression. Special occasions such as stag do’s, hen do’s, weddings, birthdays, and any occasions when you will be travelling in a large group are well suited to private travel. Travelling in a large group and splitting the cost per head is an effective way of saving money.

Types of Aircraft You Can Charter

There is a variety of different aircraft that can be chartered for private flights, the type of aircraft you should seek will depend on the circumstances of your flight.

Small propeller aircraft are the most efficient way of travelling over short distances. For mid-range trips, either a small propeller aircraft or a small jet are the best options.

Medium jets account for the majority of private flights. They can be used to make intermediate range flights. Often, they are modified to provide larger cabins and more luxurious facilities.

Larger, long-range jets are less commonly chartered for private flights because they tend to be significantly more expensive to hire and to operate. As you would expect, these jets are usually significantly bigger than the short-range versions, which means there is more room on board for extra facilities and furnishings to make flights as luxurious as possible.

Although many people are unaware of the possibility, it is possible to rent out a commercial airliner for private use. Needless to say, this is one of the more expensive options available.

Whether you choose to hire out a private jet for a one-off special occasion, or instead sign up for a private jet card membership, chartering a private jet is something that is worth considering if you want to truly fly in style.

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