Essentials when planning a trip abroad – Make sure not to forget about these

by Julia on December 8, 2017

Planning a trip abroad is far from being a piece of cake. However, you shouldn’t be too concerned, because with a little planning all obstacles can be conquered, especially when it comes to travelling. From getting your Visa, to safety measures, we will cover them all in the following paragraphs.

 Discuss your Visa with a specialised agency

When travelling abroad, you must make sure that you pick a dedicated Visa for your needs. For instance, many agencies recommend a flight booking for Visa application. A flight itinerary means that you’ll have to have a proof of your temporary accommodation, such as hotel bookings. However, final bookings are not recommended given the fact that sometimes, the Visa application is not accepted. Flight only bookings are more acceptable and also recommended. Because of this reason, you want to discuss your options with a dedicated agency which is mastering Visa matters. Only after you get your Visa, you can consider booking permanent accommodation for the duration of your trip.

Make sure that you have all your vaccinations up to date

Having all the vaccinations and all prescriptions renewed is an essential step you should check before your departure. Not all countries have the same drug policy, and what you may be able to get without a prescription in your home country, might require one abroad. Also, make sure to check with your insurance carrier that your health insurance includes overseas medical emergencies. You don’t want to leave your home country without such policies.

Bring some copies of your passport with you

It’s vital to make some copies of your passport before your departure, and keep those in separate places. If your passport gets stolen, you will at least have a copy. Also, make sure to leave some copies to some relatives as well, for the same reasons. A great idea would be to have an electronic copy on your e-mail as well. Better safe than sorry.

Check in with your embassy

The safest ways that you can travel is checking in with the embassy of your home country in the country that you’re visiting. This way, if problems appear in the country, you will be easier to contact. Also, if you encounter some unpleasant events, it will be easier for you to get home safe.

Know your money before leaving

ALWAYS make sure to check the monetary conversion rates before leaving. Finding out that the money in your home country is worth considerably less in the destination country than would you expect is always a bad surprise. So, be prepared, and make sure to have enough funds, including emergency funds.

These are some great tips and tricks that you help you be safe no matter the destination picked. Always make sure that you’re up to date with the social and political climate in the country which you plan to visit. If the climate is a hostile one, better skip the destination until things become calmer.

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