How to Save Money Traveling So You Can Keep Up With Real Life

by Julia on December 6, 2017


Who needs a vacation? Almost every hand in the room went up. We all need that coveted time to get away from real life and immerse ourselves in the rest and relaxation that will recharge our batteries so we can face the up coming Monday.

However, that trip can get expensive. Hotel rooms, transportation, eating out, entertainment venues, and everything that makes a vacation great usually costs money. Meanwhile, the rent, light bill, car payment, and all the responsibilities that go with being an adult pile up and simply wait for you to get back so they can attempt to drown you with the stress of catching up.

Below are a few suggestions that will help you to enjoy yourself on vacation while you retain enough to stay on track with real life.

Free is Always Good

Do you own your own home? Then you understand that it’s more than a mortgage. It’s the mortgage, maintenance, property taxes, repairs, and renovations. If you had no other bills in life, this in and of itself is enough.

The absolute best way to save enough cash to help maintain your home is to take advantage of anything that is free. Take a glance at the local community calendar. You can also make it a point to visit the local museums. Most have a day set aside where you can pay what you are able. Then, there is always the great outdoors.

Most cities are located close to state or national parks. Most have picnic areas where you can grill out with the family, places to take the kids swimming, and all the fishing and hiking you could possibly imagine.

Pitch Your Tent Towards Entertainment

How many times have you reserved your hotel online only to get there and find out you are miles from everywhere you want to be? Then, you have to either spend extra money in gas to drive everywhere or watch your money burn in a cab.

Make sure to book accommodations that are close to where you intend to spend the majority of your time. If you are lucky enough to be within blocks of the venues and attractions you plan on frequenting, you can walk to your destinations.

Amount of money saved on travel? Hundreds. Keeping up with your walking track buddies? Possible. Having enough money to pay the car payment when you get back home? Priceless.

Pick the Off Season

When choosing when to travel, there are countless things to consider. Where do you want to go? What are your plans when you get there? How much money do you want to spend? These are just a few, but probably the most important details to consider when you plan the time of year you want to go.

With that said, if saving money is your goal, you may have to learn to compromise. Consider going in the off season. Because of the fact that during these seasons, attendance is low, many places will lower their prices to attract more customers. Take advantage of it.

Traveling for a lot of people is a time to live in excess and simply not give any thought to what tomorrow may bring in the world of adulting. However, with a little discipline, you can save while you are traveling and knowing you have real life under control will allow you to enjoy your vacation the way it should be. Refer back often for ideas.


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