5 Great Facts about a Ski Holiday in Les Bruyeres with Family

by Julia on October 23, 2017

After a long, exhausting year, you are looking forward to getting a few days away from the stressful work assignments, traffic jams, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And, what better winter getaway than a ski trip in the Alps? Just thinking about it makes you feel relaxed. You imagine yourself descending on the slopes, wind in your hair and the cold sun kissing your face. You can taste the hot cocoa, feel the fresh mountain air, and envision the clear night sky with millions of twinkling little stars.

What could go wrong?

Well, there’s just one thing that makes your looming ski holiday feel like a daunting prospect. This year, you’re taking the kids with you and the horror stories you’ve heard make you feel a bit uneasy. Are they too young for a ski holiday, does the location you’ve picked have enough family-friendly activities, will they get bored, will they like the food, what do I need to pack? The list can go on for quite a while.

Here’s the truth: skiing with the kids is an entirely different experience than skiing alone or with a group of friends. But, although there are countless factors you need to consider, just one has the power to make or break your family skiing holiday. We’re talking about finding a location that meets all the needs of a family with young kids.

In this article, we’re going to tell you why Les Bruyeres is the perfect destination for a fun family ski getaway.

Let’s get started!

What Makes Les Bruyeres Such a Great Family Ski Destination

Les Bruyeres is a charming little mountain town sitting in between Les Menuires and Val Thorens. Granted, it’s not the white swan of the Alps nor does it enjoy the same popularity of its neighbors, but that doesn’t make it less attractive.

Au contraire!

Just think about it for a second. Because Les Bruyeres isn’t the hot ski destination of the Alps, it means that you are bound to find a quitter resort. And, when you’re traveling with your kids, a bustling nightlife and crowded slopes are the last things you would want.

At the same time, due to its proximity to Les Menuires and Val Thorens, Les Bruyeres offers easy access to the slopes of the Three Valleys and a large range of slopes that fit all levels and preferences.

Another thing that makes Les Bruyeres such a great option is that is has everything you need – ski schools, ski rental shops, a variety of restaurants, different accommodation types, supermarkets, and numerous off-piste entertainment options for families.

Are you still not convinced?

Well, then let’s get into the specifics and present five crucial facts that make Les Bruyeres ideal for your next family ski holiday.

  1. 1.      Ski Lessons for Your Kids

You may think that your kids are still very young and you don’t need to book ski lessons for them. You could just rent some equipment and have a little fun with them while showing them the basic moves. Or you could just rent a sleigh and let them enjoy their first time on the slope sliding on it.

While it’s up to you if you want your kids to learn how to ski from an early age, you should consider that they can take ski lessons from as young as three years old.

You can find plenty of great ski schools in Les Bruyeres where your little one can explore the beauty and playfulness of this amazing winter sport. They feature magic carpet lifts, cool activities, and friendly instructors so that your little one can improve their technique and build up their confidence before hitting the slopes. If your kids are teenagers, then you can also find snowparks in Les Bruyeres where they can perfect their tricks.

However, make sure that you find a school where the instructors are native speakers or fluent in your tongue. That will make the learning process easier for your kids.

  1. 2.      Off-Piste Family Fun

Stellar ski schools and friendly instructors aren’t the only things that make your family skiing holidays great. After all, you’re not going to spend every second of your vacation on the slopes. So, you need to find a destination that offers a variety of off-piste activities for families.

Once again, Les Bruyeres has got you covered.

From swimming pools, dog-sledding, and snowshoeing to cultural activities and horse-drawn sleds, there are plenty of ways you can explore the town with your kids after a tiring day on the slopes.

If you want some time alone, you can explore the surrounding on your own while the kids have the time of their life at the ski school. Just make sure to check the arrangements for child-care before and after lessons and pick a school that offers extended supervision. Plan ahead and the entire family will have an amazing time.

  1. 3.      Family-Friendly Accommodation

One of the things that make Les Bruyeres the perfect destination for your skiing family holiday is that it offers a vast array of accommodation types to suit every need and preference, from all-inclusive hotels to charming chalets.

However, to make the best of your vacation, just make sure to follow some basic tips. First thing first, if you are going to travel with toddlers, book a room that is close to the slopes. That way, you save yourself from long morning walks, having to carry heavy equipment and listening to your little one complain about how sleepy he is.

A private chalet or apartment offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to meals times. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the other guests. A hotel, on the other hand, has plenty of activities that will keep your kids busy, such as games rooms, nurseries, and so on. That can make your life easier and ensure that both you are your kids have a great holiday.

  1. 4.      Budget-Friendly Rates

While you’re probably staying away from the famous, fashionable resorts where everything from accommodation and lift passes to lunch can make a hole in your budget, the reality is that a skiing holiday is not exactly cheap.

The good news is that in Les Bruyeres you can find plenty of family-friendly offers that won’t break the bank. For example, if you purchase a family pass for four members (two adults and two children older than five), you can get the same price for everyone. Granted, you will have to limit yourself to the same ski area as your kids, but try to think about it this way: that’s an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time together while also doing something fun.

  1. 5.      Easy Access to Facilities

One of the main reasons a skiing holiday with the kids is a dreadful thought for many parents is the uncertainty when it comes to tending to their needs. The great thing about Les Bruyeres is that it offers plenty of family-friendly facilities that take into account their age, their rhythm and that of their parents. You can find nurseries, easy access to public toilets both inside the resort and on the slopes, safety systems for the kids’ chairlifts, and so on.

The Verdict

Planning a family skiing holiday is no walk in the park. And, in all honesty, you’re going to have good days and bad days on the slopes. Maybe your kids aren’t going to pick up skiing right away, or maybe they won’t like the cold in the beginning. Don’t worry if that’s the case. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do in Les Bruyeres and we are certain your kids are going to love every second of the holiday.


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