What are Luxury Train Vacations?

by Julia on October 20, 2017


Trains are a form of public transport that take you from one place to the other. However, there are certain trains that will take you to places in style. An exceptional excursion waits for you when you set out on a luxury train tour. The ardor of the train is found in the subtle factors: Step onboard rail cars from the golden period of train travel that have been ardently reinstated to their actual brilliance, settle in luxurious private space, enjoy first-class benefits from start to end including gourmet feasts, pleasant lounge cars ideal for meeting fellow travelers or simply reveling in a nightcap, and alert consigned staff always at your service for your every need.

One of the ideal approaches to have experience of the travel style of olden days’ affluent and popular is to invest some time on a luxury train. Normally, these trains offer private two-person overnight accommodation, built-in showers, lavish service, elaborate meals, and boarded guides. Also, many offer a number of day tours at the stop end route. Most schlep travelers in vintage cars from the earlier 1920s to 1950s that have now been reconditioned to present standards or in modern cars designed to resemble the work of art.

Luxury Trains specialize in luxury rail travel throughout the world. They can assist in arranging travels for almost any of the luxury trains in the world. Now let’s get to know about some of the luxury train vacations.


The Orient-Express is the unparalleled frontrunner for name acknowledgment among famous trains. The Simplon-Orient-Express journey train still covers the customary trip from Paris to Istanbul by means of Budapest and Bucharest once every year (if local rail conditions allow for it) – missing only the archetype’s onboard murder and hugger-mugger. However, most excursions are shorter; usually, two to four day connects on different routes linking London, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest. This luxurious train makes use of actual vintage coaches modified to perform on advance railroads and is trailed by modern and electric locomotives. Expenses range between $1,000 and $1,400 per person, each day, and are all-inclusive.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express accommodates the world’s longest uninterrupted railway line. This train serves 15-day journey in modish cars, connecting Moscow with Vladivostok. There are three service classes offered by the train; however, all classes include meal service, in-cabin showers, drinks, onboard tour guide services, excursions, porterage, and even onboard doctor services in the base costs. Prices are fixed – starting from above $15,000 for double occupancy per person in Silver Class. Golden Eagle also offers a Silk Road train joining Moscow with Beijing via Bukhara, Samarkand, and Almaty.

The Blue Train

South Africa’s Blue Train is another storied luxury rail. The train’s accommodations include two-person compartments with toilet and built-in shower facilities. The booking price is inclusive of onboard personal services, meals, and drinks. The Blue Train operates between Pretoria and Cape Town; in both directions. Passengers on the train leave early in the morning and reach around noon the following day. Trips are offered four to five times every month. A deluxe suite pricing starts at 15,155 rands (about $1,500 as per xe.com) per individual for double occupancy in the peak season (September 1 – November 15) or 12,380 rands (about $1,260) during offseason. Some luxury suites come with bathtubs instead of showers and are obviously more expensive. The Blue Train runs on other South African routes also.

Eastern & Oriental Express

The Simplon-Orient-Express operation personnel also manage the Eastern and Oriental Express between Singapore and Bangkok. There are two-person cabin accommodations which include toilet and shower facilities, with upper and lower beds in Pullman Class and twin beds in State Class. Following the practice of luxury trains, this train’s fare is inclusive of meals, onboard personal attention, sightseeing stops including a site visit to the River Kwai Bridge. Contingent upon the schedule, the whole excursion takes about two to three nights. Travel prices usually start from $2,560 per person.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer operates tour trip over different Canadian destinations, however, the major one is the classic travel between Calgary and Vancouver. Running on Canadian Pacific routes, this rail goes through Canada’s best Mountain View, including Banff and Lake Louise – a preferable route than the other – between Vancouver and Jasper. This is the path which was once covered by Canadian Pacific’s popular transcontinental train, the Dominion, and abolished when Via Rail Canada officiated over Canadian train travel.

Dissimilar to other luxury rails, the Rocky Mountaineer takes a trip only in daylight hours, ceasing only for overnight hotel stays in Kamloops. Regular rates in August start from $2,827 for two persons taking a trip in Redleaf service, with standard coach seats, to $5,552 for double occupancy in the full-length-window dome car. Fares are inclusive of food and overnight facilities in Kamloops.

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