Off the Beaten Track – Activities for All the Family

by Julia on October 20, 2017

As a kid these days life is a little more complicated than it was than in it was for the generations before them, the new tech era has brought about a whole new meaning to being a kid. Children today are bombarded with information and expectations, resulting in a highly competitive pressurized environment where the child is continually striving for recognition and approval. In a world that is tough on even its youngest inhabitants, it is no wonder there are so much excitement and anticipation around family holidays. Just as it is a break from the hustle and bustle of adulthood for you and your partner so are our children looking for an escape from their full and stressful lives.

Holidays matter, to all of us, they are the lifeline of sanity in an otherwise insane life. It is a significant time to reconnect and relax. A chance to be the real us, to spend time with the people we love most, to step away from the grind of real life and take with us memories that will last us a lifetime. But these holidays are more than just a time to recharge our batteries and connect with loved ones but for a child, these holiday adventures are profoundly more important than they are for you as it is vital gifting your children with the prize of your time, which they are subconsciously aware of its importance to you. The moments together that you give your kids are not only a vital escape for them from everyday life but is also essential for their ability to bond and the development of their self-esteem. But there must be a way to give your time to your kids throughout the year, without having to save all year for that particular holiday to the beach house or your favorite overseas adventure, there have to be ways to give your child a break that it needs more often. With a world full of hidden gems and little pockets of paradise surely it isn’t hard to find some time with to explore these. Here is five of off the beaten track, undiscovered holiday ideas for the whole family, whether your trip takes you to the city, or to the sea, a world adventure awaits.


1. Greyton South Africa – The Post House

The understated inexpensive destination is perfect for a lunchtime excursion for the whole family, a nature lover’s dream, that boasts hiking trails, waterfalls, and Saturday morning markets make for a perfect blend of country charm and boutique comfort. With so many things to see and do The Post House in Greyton is South Africa‚Äôs little pocket of adventure and beauty, it is the perfect holiday to unwind and reconnect. Spend hours bonding over trail walks or mountain hikes, lazy lunches or strolling through markets.

2. Vancouver Canada – Capilano

Trying to find activities which are thrill-seeking yet still safe for kids isn’t an easy job, well Canada provided the perfect adrenaline pumping activity, that’s just as exciting as it is safe. Take a walk high above the trees with a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Embrace your inner Tarzan and Jane and experience the world from a new perspective without the fear for yours and your children’s safety.

3. Reindeer and Sleigh-ride

Enjoy an outdoor adventure like no other in Finland with an incredible 2.5 hour Lapland Reindeer and sleigh-ride safari from Rovaniemi. Let the wonder of winter take over as you get to ride a sleigh pull by Reindeer; the closest thing kids will get to visit Santa. Although the cold may be a bit difficult to manage if you have small kids a little preparation will go a long way in providing one of the most unforgettable holiday’s experiences.

4. Escape Hunt Singapore

In a day an age where combat simulation games, Xboxes and computers are kings it’s hard to find an activity that generates as much excitement and passion in a small kid. Well, Escape hunt in Singapore during which the family has to work together to come up with a solution to get out a room. Embrace your inner Houdini and put your skills to the test as you work together to find lost treasure, try and deactivate bombs or solve timely mysteries.

5. Florence Bike Tour

Although Florence is one of the more expensive cities to visit, there is a way to experience its beautiful intricacies and rich history inexpensively. Pedal through ancient towns and centuries of history as you enjoy an outdoor activity for the whole family. The freedom you get by traveling with bikes will ensure the children don’t get bored having to follow the rules and regulations; it’s a way to bond, experiences and sightsee and the same time.







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