5 Reasons You Need To Try Desert Safari In Dubai

by Julia on October 18, 2017

Dubai is a multi-cultural city with stirring alchemy of profound traditions. It is much more than just its remarkable skyscrapers. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you will be spoilt with options when you will think about things to do in Dubai. In addition to shopping in its renowned shopping malls, tasting delectable foods in endless number of quality restaurants, enjoying the city nightlife in bars and night-clubs, you need to go on many adventures on offer in Dubai. Dubai desert safari is one such adventure you must not miss experiencing in your Dubai trip. Here are 5 wonderful reasons you need to try desert safari in Dubai:

1. Beholding the Best Desert Landscapes in Dubai

While a desert safari in Dubai is not limited to just viewing remarkable desert landscapes, it has to be one of the prime reasons people go for desert safari. A typical desert safari by any desert safari company in Dubai will take you to some of the best desert landscapes in Dubai.  If it is a morning desert safari, you will have the opportunity to see the sunrise in the desert. In an afternoon desert safari, you will have the opportunity to see sunset in the desert. On the other hand, in an overnight desert safari you will see the moon in the open Dubai desert landscape. Beholding the beauty of Dubai desert at different part of the day or night will make understand the true beauty of the world.

2. Camel Riding In the Desert

Visiting Dubai desert and not riding a camel is something very rare. Almost every avid traveler will want to experience the feeling of riding a camel in the desert landscape. The pictures of yourself riding a camel in the desert can be one of your major memories from your Dubai trip. Almost all desert safari packages include arranging a camel ride for the guests.

3. Desert Sports

Apart from dune bashing in a land cruiser, you can experience various other desert sports like quad biking and sand skiing. These are fun and adventurous activities you will remember rest of your life.

4. Dubai Night Safari- Party All Night

If you are on a group trip to Dubai, you should consider going for an overnight desert safari in Dubai. It allows you to enjoy the sunset and sunrise, the heart-pumping adventures, live music, BBQ party with your friends and family and sleep in a Bedouin style tent in the middle of the desert.

Actually, the exact experiences you have in an overnight safari depend on the particular package you choose with a safari company. You can easily book desert safari in Dubai online. Just search on Google and choose from one of the reputed companies. Before you book you can talk with the company over phone or chat with their customer service representatives on their sites.

5. Understating The Lifestyle of People Living In Deserts

You should explore the culture of the places you visit. And a Dubai desert safari allows you to understand the lifestyle of native Dubai people who lives in or around its deserts. Apart from that, you can know various other aspects of Dubai’s authentic culture in a desert safari. You can spend a night in a Bedouin style tent in your overnight safari, enjoy local music and dance performances, wear middle eastern dresses, and eat local foods. These are wonderful ways to understand the lifestyles of locals.

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